WTF: When Modeling Goes Wrong

April 16, 2010

COFFIN…lmao…and this is the future mothers of our children….

“Wheres a train when you need one” (c) Lil Duval

spotted at @ Lil Duval’s home


Video: Dwight Howard’s B.M. Bored?

February 4, 2010

So Luda & TO had pool party in Miami.  In the “How Low” contest apparently the jazza bell decked in all black is Dwight Howard’s baby mother…….All for some tickets to basketball game….lol…epic fail….

Treal & Prince Rick Ft. Wideframe – Mr. Hit Dat Hoe (Official Video)

January 11, 2010

<<<<Im checking hispanic moving forward….

Blank Stare: B-5 Then & Now

December 29, 2009

nothing about this says “Im about vagina”..#Im justsayin….

props Lil Duval

WTF: Good Parenting

November 20, 2009

Al Sharpton eat ur perm out…..This cant be life….Umm, yea no words for this shyt right here…none….lmao

WTF: Sammy Are You Bleaching, Are You Bleaching, Are You Bleaching….

November 10, 2009


photo via Necole

Uncle Rukus is some where smiling like muthafucka right now…

Pure Fuckery: Supa Thick (or Chunky) sings Jazmine Sullivan

November 5, 2009

<<shuts computer off & walks away…..I cant….lmao

Okay at what point does one say THICK is a far fucking stretch?….