Maurice Clarett: The De-Niggadation

March 4, 2009


Before I go in, let me define niggadation and de-niggadation

Niggadation– (adj) Taking on or exhibiting any form of niggadry

De-niggadation– (adj) Removing any if not all forms of niggadry from mind, body and spirit

According to the Columbus Dispatch, former Buckeye and current inmate Maurice Clarett is a member of the family and is currently blogging while on lock down.  Check out the excerpt:

“Hate it or love it, I’m here to uplift and offer specific suggestions to people in life-altering situations. Pain and loneliness hurt. It births depression. It breaks families up. I don’t hide that part of my life. The things that I speak on are real. I’ve been in many different circumstances throughout these twenty-five years surviving things others could not. Surviving the game of life is drastically different than surviving the 4th quarter of the Fiesta Bowl. Remaining sane while being locked down twenty-three hours a day during the beginning of my incarceration built character and revealed to me what I was really made of. Respect me and the viewers of this blog by bringing something constructive and positive so someone else can possibly change their life.”

Non hater opinion- It’s good to see him realizing the error in his ways…hopefully, I hope that he can learn how to become an adult and be a productive member of society.

Hater opinion- If this nigga would’ve just shut the hell up and sat his ass down for a year he would’ve lead my Alma mater to glory, won at least 1 Heisman if not 2 and at least another BCS Championship.  All in all meaning he would’ve never embarrassed OSU and been in this mess…. I hate this nigga… hate hate hate…



True Negro Theories: No Such Thing As A Platonic Friend

February 25, 2009


Thats right ladies, that shyt is a myth…walk wit me

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True Negro Theories: After 10:45 (pm), My Shaft Deserves HighFive

January 14, 2009


You see the title, you know where Im going with this, dont you?….lol

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True Negro Theories: Nice Guys Always Finish Last

December 28, 2008


In this world Im truely convinced you cant be nice to chicks. They say they want this nice guy but in reality no they dont. Now when I say a nice guy I mean a nigga who treats you right, does the right thing, and is doing the right thing in life. Not the nigga that you can run over. Theres a difference between someone without spine, and someone who will put you on your

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True Negro Theories: Ugly People Cant Make Rules, They Just Have To Follow Them

December 17, 2008


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if all the beholders say the same thing….There is no beauty..

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True Negro Theories: How Women Tend To Hide Their Inner Slut

December 11, 2008


Sorry We left you, without a good post to read too

For a while I could never understand why women would say certain things in the heat of the moment like

“You know I usually dont do this”

“Its something about you that makes me feel so comfortable”

“This really isnt like me”

Now the funny thing is I never believed any of that from the get go. I figured it was a broken record that they tend to have on repeat when they had new penis on deck. Like “Ahhhh let me stroke this nigga ego verbally while I stroke his balls physically. Hopefully he will feel special enough to munch on this snatch.” But now when I really think about it and examine it I believe women say these things more so to feel better about partaking in what one may consider hoe-ish activities.  Lets be honest here all these statements really translate into:

1.) Nigga I do this shyt all the time.

2.)  I hope your comfortable with the idea that Im on this slut run 

3.) Yes Im really like this everyday of my life and if you catch me on Sunday nights it gets worse.

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True Negro Theories: Rule #1 Head is Not A Option Its a Requirement

October 22, 2008

Not to long ago I was at a little get together and the topic about giving head came up. The fellas argument was simple, head is expected. To my surprise a few chocolate bunnies and one pink toe agreed (like that was But some gals got all ansi and was like “Ahhhhh hell nahhhhhhh! No nigga should ever expect that. Head is a treat and its reserved for someone special.”

Huh? Thats that bullshit right there. This is where I draw the line. I immediately jumped in! I’m sure your wondering how did Dre respond? Well let me tell you—–>Yeahhhh fuggin right! This aint the late 80’s early 90’s where head was considered taboo.  In this day an age giving head is just as common as kissing. As a matter of fact I searched thru my trusty “Relations” handbook and noticed this was rule #1. Not only is head a requirement but it comes with a no opt out clause. Now, swallowing on the other hand thats a different story……walk with me…lol

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