Memory Lane: Middle Finger To Vaseline

April 16, 2010

As a kid its certain things in my childhood that have left me scared. Some of its food, and well the rest is a few other things but hey we all have these things that our parents did that make us say “Im never going to do that bullshyt to my child.”  And ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, whores & virgins, cats & turtles (Mannie Fresh voice) Vaseoline is one of those products that hurt me soul (c) Lupe.

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Living The Life: A Nut & Nap

April 16, 2010

What every normal man enjoys……a Nut & Nap…Simplicity!

*stretches arms* was up world? Its been minute yes…lol…We got some catching up to do…Pop the hood lets ride……

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Quick Thoughts: If You’re Not Married, You are Single…

October 20, 2009

Spotted @ Necoles layer

Apparently ole boy Life Skills is a relationship blogger and  he had a few words about single women in relationships. Cant lie low key the homie has some valid points though….for those who cant view the video here is some subjects touched upon.

“The real problem with women in relationships is that they are doing marital acts with their man and they are not married. Examples of Marital Acts:

*Keys to the apartment

*Laying up under each other for hours at a time

*Putting things in each other’s name and you are not married (Cars, Cell phones, etc)

*Sex without a condom

*You call him your hubby or wife. (Bad words for a relationship is MY Wifey, MY Boo, MY anything. If you are not married to it, it’s not yours…)

*You are playing house. (i.e. Cleaning up their house, cooking etc…)

*Moving in or shacking up.  (Why would you move in with someone without getting married?  Don’t assume that just because you will move in with this dude, he’ll eventually marry you. )

*When you do these type of marital acts, you are giving a person the opportunity to use you up. They are getting the most out of you already so “why would they marry you?”.


So what do yall think? How do yall feel about it?

Quick Thought: Women Carrying Condoms

October 16, 2009


What does it mean when you run out of straps and the woman pulls some out of her purse? On one hand it show shes a responsible woman right…but then on the flip side its like “How much fucking is this chick doing?” This shyt actually happened to be once.  You know how you always have that one girl or dude that you’ve known for so many years and yall get up every now again. Yeah it was one of those, but I just never thought she rolled in that…But what really thru me off was the fact she just didnt have one, she had a baby pack of em.

So Im sitting on the bed thinkin “timeout, flag on the play.” So I asked….and she said “Hey you never know, you should always be prepared.” And for a split second I respected that but my mind immediately shifted to shes a responsible whore. Needless to say I got over it for the moment and still beat…lol…but still afterwards, a nigga was sticky and confused….So how do you all feel about women carrying condoms?