Quick Thought: Women Carrying Condoms

October 16, 2009


What does it mean when you run out of straps and the woman pulls some out of her purse? On one hand it show shes a responsible woman right…but then on the flip side its like “How much fucking is this chick doing?” This shyt actually happened to be once.  You know how you always have that one girl or dude that you’ve known for so many years and yall get up every now again. Yeah it was one of those, but I just never thought she rolled in that way..lol…But what really thru me off was the fact she just didnt have one, she had a baby pack of em.

So Im sitting on the bed thinkin “timeout, flag on the play.” So I asked….and she said “Hey you never know, you should always be prepared.” And for a split second I respected that but my mind immediately shifted to shes a responsible whore. Needless to say I got over it for the moment and still beat…lol…but still afterwards, a nigga was sticky and confused….So how do you all feel about women carrying condoms?


Question Of The Day: Thoughts On Joe Jackson’s Interview (WTF)

June 29, 2009

Watch both videos and tell me you dont feel some kind of way about this….

Joe Jackson CNN Interview On BET Awards

A damn shame….Im saying everybody mourns in their own way but seriously though, he aint shyt…..lol

Now watch Janet’s speech after the jump…

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Question of the day: Would you want your team to sign Mike Vick?

May 20, 2009



Question of The Day: Is This Crossing The Line?

April 28, 2009


So my fellow negroians does this offend you? Im kind of on the fence about it. I mean to keep it all the way honest Bush caught hella ridicule and jokes flew left an right but it wasnt our fault he needed a helmet when he talked. I guess we have to loosen up and stop being sensitive. This is the same company that makes Chia Pets. I know everyone is trying to cash in some how some way but Im sayin are they saying black people are pets? Did he need to have a fro? Why not a taper. Did they purposely made his hair that watermelon color?  Things that make you go hmmmmm…. 

How do yall feel?

Question Of The Day: Religion Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

April 8, 2009


So we all have our faith an no matter if your Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Mormon, or Seventhday Adventist you are what you are and believe 100% in what you believe in. So seeing it from that aspect somebody has to be wrong right? Thats the whole premise about faith it guides you in a direction and teaches you that the other avenues lead to nothing but a dead in. With that being said my question for all of you is whos wrong? Whos right?

You have some that are so engraved in their faith that they are willing to sacrifice their life at the drop of dime to do so. Its kind of hard to tell someone with a bomb strapped to they nuts “Hey young man, you fucking up.” On the flip side I dont know too many Christians who will go to those type of lengths for their faith. Yeah, we will praise him, go to church, every now an then pay some tides, thank him for awards but death? Doubt it…lol   

Thoughts? And dont take the easy route out by saying everybody has the right to believe in what they believe in either….lol

Show lighttttttttttttt

Question Of The Day: Prenup Yay or Nae?

March 15, 2009

prenupOk lets say you come into a nice amount of money right. Regardless if yall have been together before it or after it the end result is that your not married. So when the relationship gets to that point do you think its necessary to have a prenup put in place?Now if your already married, no dice. But if your not, I think its a fair request. Im sayin why should I have to give you half because your unhappy or because you go crazy and want out. 

Now on one hand its hard because in a sense its almost saying your setting the marriage up for failure. Like I hope it doesnt happen but lets make plans for it just incase…lol..But on the other hand you have to know its a reality…

So what do yall think? If you had the mula would you get one?

Question Of The Day: Do You Believe in Living Together Before Marriage?

March 2, 2009


So a roundtable began between us  & 1/2 of  The Fabulous Duo about the topic of living together before marriage…Lets just say each one of all think differently…..lol

Do You Believe in Living Together Before Marriage?

What do you sinners think..lol

I’ll reserve my thoughts for the post coming this week…*insert evil laugh*