The Paint-Less Coca-Cola Would Save Earth One Can at a Time

December 2, 2009

t doesn’t only look beautiful, and it would make Jon Ive and Steve Jobs wet, but this naked Coca-Cola can would help save energy while reducing air and water pollution. Would it really make a difference? Let’s do some math:

I assume the consumption only increases through time, but let’s take the daily 2007 numbers from Global INForM Cases Sales database: The total number of Coca-Cola cans sold per worldwide is 67,873,309. Diet Coke and Coke Zero sold 35,387,241, while My Coke sold 103,260,550. Yes, that’s all per day.

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Good Read: Being The ‘Other Woman’

October 16, 2009


We talk a lot of smack about the other woman, to be honest. You know, the sidepiece, the jumpoff, the one who’d never make it to wifey status. The one you call up for a quick hit and hide from your main woman. We poke fun at her, pitying her for not knowing that that’s all she’s ever going to be- the one on the side. We blame her for leading the man astray, you Jezebel, you. She gets cussed out for tampering with the sanctity of a monogamous relationship. In the words of a friend, “Why doesn’t she just go get her own man and leave mine alone?” She’s the ho, the two-timing slut, the one that’s no good enough, et cetera. I used to be her, and trust, I didn’t give a flying flip about it then.

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