WTF: When Modeling Goes Wrong

April 16, 2010

COFFIN…lmao…and this is the future mothers of our children….

“Wheres a train when you need one” (c) Lil Duval

spotted at @ Lil Duval’s home


Blank Stare: Sweet Grown White Jesus Wants You To Buy A Toyota

November 5, 2009


<<<Waiting on Mose’s add with Cadillac….

Moment of Silence: Gabourey Sidibe

November 3, 2009


Red carpet inspired dress? Yessss * Jordan Fist Pump*… Gotta love that precious (pun intended) “Oh I cant have another sloppy Joe” pout look pose…

For All The Men That Need A Pass…lol

October 16, 2009


Still Screen Shot From Batman 3 “The Dark Sea Bass”

September 23, 2009


Baby Tiffany Pollard aka Foxy @ VH1’s HipHop Honors…Listen I know at one point the hearing was lost, but shyt aint nobody tell me she inherited that Ray Charles too…VH1 reality show in 5,4,3,2,1…

Question Of The Day: Thoughts On Joe Jackson’s Interview (WTF)

June 29, 2009

Watch both videos and tell me you dont feel some kind of way about this….

Joe Jackson CNN Interview On BET Awards

A damn shame….Im saying everybody mourns in their own way but seriously though, he aint shyt…

Now watch Janet’s speech after the jump…

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June 23, 2009

This is just gay….u cant pause or no homo this period…pass the skittle bags…

Crowned by the PausePolice