Living The Life: A Nut & Nap

What every normal man enjoys……a Nut & Nap…Simplicity!

*stretches arms* was up world? Its been minute yes…lol…We got some catching up to do…Pop the hood lets ride……

Well, well, well its been a while so lets get down to business! In conversation I always hear girls complain about how complicated and difficult men are and I never understood that shyt. The whole notion around this debate is completely fabricated.  Men are simple point blank period. Now women on the other hand….well they are ummm lets just say crazy complicated. They want the world and if possible baby Jesus to perform at their birthday party as a bonus. Meanwhile a man only wants a few things sex, food, love, support, and from time to time fucking silence. It’s that simple!

Is this new? Nope! Females know this, but yet they want to paint a distorted picture that we are these impossible creatures and the reality is we aren’t in the least bit. Now how easy is that list? Hell some dudes don’t even want that much. Sex, food and silence is enough, keep the love an….Now take a good look at the picture above, and tell me this dude aint living the life. What more can a man ask for besides a nut and nap? Pure heaven! What more could a woman ask for? A conversation, some shoes, more attention, a free meal, a father, a ring, a weave, lace front, a purse…and so on, and so on…you get the

That image up there is exactly what a healthy relationship should look assuming they probably got full off of Jack In The Box before they drove into the spooky ass forest to get it in. Only thing that could of taken this to a whole another level is if he had tv monitors in the Sentra showing ESPN. So in closing its best to keep it simple ladies! It doesnt take much.

Sidebar: Is it me or does it look like ole girl must of had that work, because this muthafucka passed out arms folded strap still on…lol… Or maybe she got hers and he’ s pissed looking at the birds out enjoying the day. I don’t know about most niggas but that’s hella unusual in my book. Soon as I skeet, head to the bathroom, tinkle, wash up in her sink, and be out. Besides no telling what kind of residue is sitting on the outskirts of that latex.


4 Responses to Living The Life: A Nut & Nap

  1. tpolite says:

    **sigh** Here we go…Lol.

    Women are not that complicated. If you know what we like, just give it to us. Then you get what you want 🙂 Y’all just don’t know how to follow directions.

    *sidenote: I never noticed the people refelcting in the window!! There was a for real crowd over there! Where were they? In a parking lot?? MESSY!!

  2. @rashail says:

    this picture. this post. smh… just glad tha stoop is back to its old coon ways.

    women aren’t complicated. men lack depth. *runs*

  3. Dre says:

    You lost vaginas dont even know what you want in life…Polite you dont count cause you think like a nigga…lol

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