Quick Thoughts: If You’re Not Married, You are Single…

Spotted @ Necoles layer

Apparently ole boy Life Skills is a relationship blogger and  he had a few words about single women in relationships. Cant lie low key the homie has some valid points though….for those who cant view the video here is some subjects touched upon.

“The real problem with women in relationships is that they are doing marital acts with their man and they are not married. Examples of Marital Acts:

*Keys to the apartment

*Laying up under each other for hours at a time

*Putting things in each other’s name and you are not married (Cars, Cell phones, etc)

*Sex without a condom

*You call him your hubby or wife. (Bad words for a relationship is MY Wifey, MY Boo, MY anything. If you are not married to it, it’s not yours…)

*You are playing house. (i.e. Cleaning up their house, cooking etc…)

*Moving in or shacking up.  (Why would you move in with someone without getting married?  Don’t assume that just because you will move in with this dude, he’ll eventually marry you. )

*When you do these type of marital acts, you are giving a person the opportunity to use you up. They are getting the most out of you already so “why would they marry you?”.


So what do yall think? How do yall feel about it?


2 Responses to Quick Thoughts: If You’re Not Married, You are Single…

  1. Katelyn says:

    I feel him! I feel him! I don’t believe in sharing credit without vows under God, I don’t believe in shacking up without a ring, I don’t…I don’t…I don’t. I LOVE the 3-Month Assessment period. Absolutely love it. I do lay under my babylove for hours at a time though, we like to cuddle. 🙂 We’re cuddlers…and we make dinner for each other.

  2. t.polite says:

    Yeah, dinner and cuddle time…I don’t know about those but like Katelyn, I feel him. They say why buy the cow when the milk is free…

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