Rule 22.50$: “They Hold Out, Men Should Too”


Fellas, Steve “Im a tell ladies what they already know” Harvey  has now became the God of relationships to women now a days. I swear you cant have one conversation about men or relationships without at least female quoting atleast one or two lines from the book. It’s like clock work I promise!  The most controversial suggestion….a woman should out for atleast 90 days before allowing a brotha to dump dick.

Why? According to the book they should hold out to be sure a man can protect, profess and provide…lol..Basically the vagina is a precious pot of gold, where every pubic hair should be cherished, and every clit should be admired. Which got me to thinking…What is our virtue? Shouldn’t we hold out as well? You got damn right!!!!! And thats when it hit me….Rule 22:50: “Upon meeting a new female in your life, a man should reframe from spending no more than 20-22.50 on dates for the first 90 days..Thats right….nothing fucking fancy (c) Dream

We as men need to take our time to getting to know these women better before splurging. And with that being said there needs to be a cap. Besides the first dates are all about getting to know each other right? Right….lol… Theres plenty of romantic things one can do under this rule. Theres plenty ways to impress a woman without hitting the wallet.  More importantly fellas you dont wanna be that “Nice Guy” wining and dining her, drop her off, full belly  an all only so the main guy can come over knock the bottom out her ass. You just helpin the other nigga out. Just take a second an think about the many random dates you went on and the money spent all for nothing. She takes her leftovers home to her real boo, and you take on the bill.

The funniest thing about this rule is how upset women get about it. “You cant do shyt for 22.50,” “22.50 wouldnt even make think twice about removing my bra,” “Being cheap, is not impressive.”…….Now all of sudden they equate price with being impressive and getting the pus. But I thought it was about learning one another, making sure that person is of worth before giving away a treasured valued? Love dont cost a thing! Who in the fuck made that up? Yes it does…it cost time and money….Now theres plenty of romantic, impressive things one can do (c) walks in the park, pic nic, blockbuster night, ice cream discussions, and in theory one could even cook. I wouldnt but you could…lol…Bottom line is females need to earn the right to be treated to the finer things in life. At the end of the day we dont owe you shyt but conversation and even thats a stretch. So fellas guard your wallets and your hearts. Again not saying hold out until she busts it wide open Im just saying before you start trickin make sure shes worth every penny…..


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