Quick Thought: Women Carrying Condoms


What does it mean when you run out of straps and the woman pulls some out of her purse? On one hand it show shes a responsible woman right…but then on the flip side its like “How much fucking is this chick doing?” This shyt actually happened to be once.  You know how you always have that one girl or dude that you’ve known for so many years and yall get up every now again. Yeah it was one of those, but I just never thought she rolled in that way..lol…But what really thru me off was the fact she just didnt have one, she had a baby pack of em.

So Im sitting on the bed thinkin “timeout, flag on the play.” So I asked….and she said “Hey you never know, you should always be prepared.” And for a split second I respected that but my mind immediately shifted to shes a responsible whore. Needless to say I got over it for the moment and still beat…lol…but still afterwards, a nigga was sticky and confused….So how do you all feel about women carrying condoms?


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