Can You Trust The Homies That Cheat on Their Significant Other?

Anybody that really knows me knows that I follow Foxxhole Radio damn near religiously, you see, the Foxxhole is the only place in the world where my recklessness/ignorance is not looked down upon.


Rather, the Foxxhole is a safe haven for all the niggas like me who make tasteless jokes about fat bitches and who promise to honor and commit to the low self esteem broads of America. At the same time, the Foxxhole can be a thought provoking show, and so I have to pay reverence to the homie, Johnny Mack, for blessing me with the idea for this week’s post, as he stated that he can’t trust/do business with niggas that cheat on their wives/significant other…this really forced me to think about a lot of the homies, the cheatin, and it kinda made me question how deep our friendship could be, given these circumstances.

The conclusion I came to is that I agree with Mack…to a point. Its difficult to really trust a nigga completely who will cheat on his wife (not jumpoff), who may be the mother of his children, but most importantly, she is the woman whom he pledged a lifelong promise of honor, commitment and fidelity to, all essential qualities in any significant relationship (ll). So if he openly commits adultery, can you really consider him to be the ideal business partner? I mean, hell, if a woman can give this nigga kids, that Becky (c) Plies and dinner every night for the rest of his life, and the nigga still does his one, two on the side, can I really expect this nigga to be 100% committed to our friendship? The nigga in me says yeah…my intuition says, ‘Wait a minute muhfucka’ © Polow Da Don.

The nigga in me realizes that you can easily separate your friendships from your wifey, and just because you are cheating on the wifey, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be disloyal to the homies. In some ways, the relationship between friends can be stronger than that of husband and wife, simply because of the length of the friendship, the history of the things you’ve been through, etc. While you may not condone the cheating, your thought is, ‘What he beat on the side don’t make me…pay alimony’, so who cares, ya’ll still remain friends and that bond will last until the wifey finds out, takes half, and now the nigga is living in your basement. Despite his infidelities with his wifey, he’s always been the ideal friend so like in any relationship, I don’t think you should withhold your trust or being your full self…until the homie causes you to be indifferent about him having your best interests in mind, in that case its onto my intuition.

Intuiton gives you the wherewithal to understand when you’re in compromising situations and even though you’ve been lifelong friends with the homie, the fact that he’s cheatin on wifey shouldn’t draw a red flag…but it should be a flashing yellow light, lol. For instance, he/she’s cheatin on their significant other, you loan this nigga $10,000 on the strength of the friendship, and this nigga changes his Boost mobile number on you…now you sayin ‘Where you at?’, and this nigga dun moved to Alabama to start a new family with his jumpoff with your ‘seed’ money. In situations like that, you can’t say, ‘Damn, I didn’t know’, all you can really say is ‘I shoulda knew this muhfucka’, lol. In situations like this, I say to myself WWJMS…What Would Judge Mathis Say. Imagine if you’re in the courtroom, with the aforementioned story, you loan the cheatin homie the money and he skips town on you. Mathis is gonna say in so many words ‘Nigga, you shoulda seen the writing on the wall’ and if you didn’t have that loan in writing, he’s gonna say…’next case’, lol.

Over the years, I can say that i’ve had plenty of friends, both male and female, who’ve been guilty of infidelity in some form, hell i’ve been guilty myself, but that broad deserved it. However, i’ve never let their infidelities get in the way of my bond/trust I had for that person, color me blind, but i’m really a trustworthy individual until someone gives me a reason to relinquish that trust by violating me in some way…who gives a damn what they do to violate their significant other, lol. At the same time, if our trust is violated, I can’t say that I wasn’t forewarned because like I said, if you can’t be loyal to the person you wedded, how can I expect to be 100% loyal to me, so I guess a nigga is slightly teetering the fence on this one. But let me know what ya’ll think, because I know people who refuse to associate with people who are cheaters but I also know niggas who could give a fuck…showliiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


8 Responses to Can You Trust The Homies That Cheat on Their Significant Other?

  1. arw says:

    LMAO @ WWJMS…What Would Judge Mathis Say – hahahahaa

    hmmm… I always wondered what men think of their friends when they cheat on their wives or GFs. sounds like you’re taking the “it ain’t got ish to do with me” approach.

    but really?! you don’t have an opinion at all? you don’t ever think “man that’s effed up” – of course you wouldn’t say anything. But, nothing internal says “that’s wack.” ??

  2. Dre says:

    actually yeah we do call niggas out on that, and say what their doing is wrong..but to each its own

  3. TFD says:

    At the end of the day, cheating is a form of deceit. The cheater is deceitful…probably also a liar, manipulator, so on and so forth. While they won’t be able to break me like they could their significant other, and while it’d never be as serious a situation as with their sig-O (unless we’re dealing with $ of course)…I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them. Oh, and I throw like a girl. LOL. I would still be their friend though, just with my eyes on them *fingers to eyes c) Meet The Parents.

    I always wondered which friends of my exes called them out on their infidelity foolishness…or if any did. LOL.

  4. Dre says:

    So timeout…Niether one of yall have friends that cheated? If so did you create distance because they cheated or are you all still close friends till this day. Im absolutley positive you have dirt on your girls but it didnt affect your friendship……

  5. BWill says:

    Call me foolish but honestly I’ve never though about this scenario but after reading the article and reflecting it brings on a lot of light. On one hand I say it shouldn’t matter because as already mentioned, what someone does to their significant other doesn’t really affect you’re platonic. The way relationships are today they usually will not outlast a friendship. On the other hand after thinking about the people I know that cheat are pretty selfish and self-centered which are some of the worst qualities to have as a friend LOL. Something for me to think about for my Friend Hierarchy list LOL.

  6. arw says:

    when i first read this and before i posted my response, i tried to think about this: i can think of 2 instances where i had a friend who was doing dirt. and i said something. nothing too forward, but i said something. i don’t see a man telling his boy he is wrong tho (??)

    but i have always wondered if my exes friends told them they were foul too, lol. i guess i’ll never know…

  7. TFD says:

    As a matter of fact, I have! I can’t go into too much detail as it would put everybody’s business out there, but I did more than just give a *side eye* and a snark comment. I took a stand for fidelity and challenged her actions in many a conversation and at many a place. We’re fine today…BUT at the time, we def didn’t see eye-to-eye…and that’s the nice way to put it.

    If you want to roam the fields, don’t get put on a leash. And if you do, don’t expect me to respect you for it.

  8. TFD says:

    My thinking was…If you can put on this show of love and cry these tears of dedication…when you’re doing the opposite – what kind of bullish are you feeding me on a regular? LOL. Now, I do NOT want the people to think that I abandoned this friend, I didn’t. Loved her then and love her now. But I did speak (loudly) as the minority leader a time or two. 🙂

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