70% of Black Women Are Single

And I don’t feel sorry for naan one of ya’ll broads, lol. The homie Keez has recently hopped up off the single track and eased my way back into the dating lane…only to be reminded why my ass veered off to the side of the road with those flashing…lights in the first place. Reason being is that the majority of sistas are on the bullshit, and ya’ll deserve every trifling baby daddy, nigga who tries to coerce you into an abortion or dude who afflicts you with a STD that you get…aight, maybe I’m goin in a lil too hard, but follow the homie.

I will be the first to admit that there are some keepers out there, can’t really say that i’ve dated any, but they have to exist somewhere because my homegirls are all good women for the most part, but for some reason, when i’m in the club, some magnetic forcefield overtakes me and introduces me to hoes, whores, or my most coveted possession, the bullshittin ass chic. For those of you who haven’t deal with the bullshittin ass chic (probably because you have dough, you convinced her that your closed to getting signed to a record deal, or you’re a potential lottery pick) due to the fact that she’s a bopper in disguise, she is the reason for many men’s disgruntled twitter/facebook/myspace messages. She’s the reason why a nigga gets all dressed up for a nice date at ten, only to hear from the broad the next day apologizing via text about how she couldn’t find a babysitter for lil Ray Ray and most likely, she’s the reason why 70% of black women are single, because one too many bullshittin ass black women = a trip to the white/latina/asian side, lol. Long story short, a bullshittin ass chic is one who plays games in the dating realm, she’s usually that female who tries to act too busy to respond to a call or a text, too flakey to really commit to a date she requested with you and too immature to be honest with a nigga. Again, she is the very reason why so many sistas are single…

Reason being is because she prolongs the actual chase for way too long, instead of conceding her mutual attraction to a nigga, she’ll continue to bullshit her way to the point where the nigga actually is vengeful towards her. So a nigga will continue to play the game, only to the point where he GTDs (gets the draws) and really gets her to like him, at this point its advantage, Nigga, 30-Love, and so the games begin. Ladies, this is where the trifling nigga that exists within all of us relinquishes himself onto you, because of all the games and bullshit you’ve put him through. Everything comes full circle…in the beginning, you treat him like a dog, you have a nigga jumping through hoops, waggin his tail tryin to get the proverbial ‘treat’, he gets the treat, and the he dogs yo funky ass, lol.

Once upon a time ago, when you met the nigga wherever ya’ll met, you hung out and their was a feel of mutual ‘likeability’, you decided to see if the nigga really wanted you by playing your bullshit ass games, only to fail in the game of love. What you should have did was matched the nigga’s effort from the jump so that he’d know the feeling was mutual. See, ladies, what you don’t realize is that when niggas have to guess how a woman feels about him, it makes it difficult to give his full self to a female. For example, if i’m dating a female that I like, but i’m not sure how she feels about me, i’m not going all the way in on the romanticism, the nice dates, etc. because I don’t want to feel like i’m wasting my efforts on something that may not work out. Now, if that female gives me the greenlight into her heart and she provides me with all of the affections and attention that a burgeoning love permits…sky is the limit for the romanticism. And the key thing is, this isn’t a scornful romanticism, because I didn’t have to play the guessing game with her, I just know that she’s a good chic and we have a mutual ‘likeability’ for one another. If you think about it, niggas, aren’t on that, if we like a female, she knows it…she can tell by my texts at 3:00 AM, when I ask her if she wants somethin from the Waffle House. We don’t mind being open with the fact that we have an affinity for a special female and I can’t really think of a situation where a nigga really liked a female, but he would try to make the female wonder if the feeling was mutual.

Instead, the real world offers us non-ballin ass, regular 9 to 5 job havin ass niggas the bullshittin ass chic. And its cool, as men, we have to play them the same way the play us, and be hell on these hoes while they’re playing the games. In the past, I went hard way too early if I found a female I dug, now i’m finally learnin to fall back, because every female doesn’t deserve a standup guy, like myself…in the words of Juvie the Great, ‘imma get what I can get outta these hoes then i’m up’…couldn’t have said it better myself. I really believe that if black women looked at that 70% number with some real clarity, they wouldn’t do most of the shit they did. To me, that number says, only 3 out of 10 of us is doing a good enough job to keep a nigga, whether it be cookin some hella crispy fried chicken, being somebody a nigga can vent to, or giving some blazing ass ‘Becky’ © Plies, those three women are doing what it takes to keep a nigga around. Ya’ll other 7…ya’ll fuckin up, lol. Like, sistas, I really challenge you to think of reasons why 70% of ya’ll are single without trying to blame niggas on everything. I know ya’ll gonna be in the comment section bitchin about how I gave my heart to a nigga early and he dogged me, blah, blah, blah, but who doesn’t get their feelings hurt in the dating game from time to time? I’m sure many of that 70% dated a ‘good guy’ who she bullshitted with because he didn’t currently have everything she was lookin for…nigga might’ve had a million dreams, but only a dollar in his account, but he was the type of person you could see yourself with and couldn’t get over the nigga being broke. And to those women I say, think about Barack’s ex, I bet her ass is sittin in some apartment with the salty face cuz she slept on the niggas dreams, lol…Let me stop, i’m sure i’ve angered the pro-Oprah crowd that frequents our site, but ask me if I give a fuggggg, lol.

Lastly, I used to be a good dude, but this epidemic of bullshit that is running rampant through the nation of black women is forcing me to damn near jump off the cliff…to that sea of Hispanic women, lol.


2 Responses to 70% of Black Women Are Single

  1. TFD says:

    Ninjas ain’t ish. Y’all are full of just as much bull as we are. Thus saith…one of the 3. 😉
    ~ Katelyn

  2. anthony says:

    Ecclesiastes 7:26 — And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.

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