True Negro Fact: Men Dont Enjoy Hanging Out With Females


Its this evil myth that haunts the house of ovaries time after time (c) Cyndi Lauper…What is that myth you ask? Its the one that says niggas actually enjoy hanging out with the opposite sex…well truth be told, for the most part we dont….lol

I realized this shyt a few years back when I was living in a whole another state that in most cases I dont enjoy hanging out with females in the least bit. Half the time you just tolerate the company, inorder achieve the goal. That goal, doin the nasty (old school, child term), aggressive cuddling, or mouth hugs. Those are the first 3 that come to my….I’ve come to notice that after all these years if sex wasnt involved for the most part ehhhh I wouldnt even entertain havin a snatch over just because. Probably wouldnt ask her out to kick it in a setting which would involve some type of interacting where she would actually talk. Besides who wants to hear about Beyonce or gossip all fucking evening! If its not that then you get the other extreme, a female who could very well masturbate to the history channel & CNN. They wanna discuss all types of non interesting shyt that wasnt even part of the story. 

Now on the flip side, When I actually vibe with female, I’ll actively pursue kicking it with her. I’ll stay pulling the trigger, shooting at her so we can hang out because its a possibility there is some potential there. This is rare my friends! Like a girl who swallows & cooks in the same house. But for the most part if that aspect isnt there then I’ll stay neutral and usually nonchalant about the whole thing. Like the only time they would get a response is if the invite included her bedroom as the location for us kicking it. Other wise, no dice….

Now what I have noticed is that the ones I do vibe with have the better potential of turning it into something else. Easy logic right? Nope because niggas will still hand cuff chicks who they can barley stand to be around. You its smooth when you can hang with female without any sexual slash mouth huggin expectations. So ladies if you ever wonder why a nigga doesnt hit you till after 10:45, or right off top invites you on a movie night date on his fancy couch, or doesnt actively pursue outings in a public setting then more than likely hes just trying to dump dick. You’ll notice because when you do kick it in non fuckable setting, ya’ll tend  to keep running into those awkward silence moments…lol…Which can be the most hilarious thing on earth. Because you try to be engaging and spark a conversation but in reality only thing yall got in common is latex & saliva….


2 Responses to True Negro Fact: Men Dont Enjoy Hanging Out With Females

  1. TFD says:

    I disagree wholeheartedly. I know several guys who enjoy my company in the realm of friendship and friendship ONLY. No other intentions. No other thoughts or plots. I beg you to challenge and say I’m wrong. (Have we already had this conversation??)

  2. Dre says:

    Red, let me completely honest with you…its no way any straight man is actually kicking it with YOU as JUST a friend on purpose…IMPOSSIBLE….the guys that hang with you for friendship purposes are called homosexuals……lol

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