Of course it cant be easy with the opposite gender! Why would they want it to be. Ahhh the decesion every nigga has to make, to chase or not to chase is the muthafucking question! Fyi, this picture represents exactly what snatches will put you through…lol 

Ok, so the other night I was sitting with a couple of my home girls. We chopping it about  this that and the other and the topic came up about how they play the “chase” game. They deliberately wave off the guy, maybe act some what interested but not to interested, or if the dude is tryin to see them they play semi busy or what not. Which in theory that aint nothing new, aint no ground breaking shyt, hell even dogs chase cars right!

But my whole argument was at the point that you know this fella is definitely interested in you why assume that roll? From a niggas stand point, if we are pullin stunts like this with a female it aint because we want you to chase after us. Its because we just aint fucking interested…lol….

Of course if you know me then you already know I hit some of my other female counterparts up to get some insight on why? Majority of them said its the “thrill of being pursued.” I guess the whole idea of being wanted, an sought after are a few key ingredients for this recipe. Now I’ll be completely fair about this shyt…lol…Even though I personally BOOOOO this whole notion Im not all the way mad at it. I do think however in some aspects its some bullshit but ehhh…

In a sense especially when your just starting off its normal procedure for us to have to put on the track shoes and put a little work in. Or is it? Because truthfully I’ve been in plenty situations where there wasnt a need for all that. Been in some where even the female was the aggressor. Hmmmm I dont know! But my problem with it is why even play that game if you know this fella is into you? Why cant it be simple …”I like you, you like me, lets cut the gray area out and get to know each other?”

See at first it may be coo, for a female to pull those tricks but on the other side you gotta realize from a man’s view, it starts to appear that maybe your just not into a nigga all like…you aint on it…Then we tend to fall back! Then we gotta hear about these single ladies complaining about how theres no men out here for them. 

The funny thing is my home girl who was talkin all this shyt about making a man chase, always pouts about how shes so lonely. I can see why! To her credit shes not lonely and desperate in the sense of wanting a relationship but more so that she wants to meet a guy that peaks her interest. So what does she do when she actually meets a guy that does? Puts him on a fucking wild goose hunt….*blank stare*

My question to the ladies, why do yall love to be chased? Why cant yall keep it 100%, black & white. If your interested, and you know Im interested is there even a need for a chase? And fyi, theres no pussy footing (no pun intended) around the question either…

show lighttttttttttttttttt (c) Jamie Foxx


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