Cute Does Not= Sexy


You ever met someone who physically looks like they took 3 wet bricks to the face in the middle of dead winter but yet you find something thats extremely attractive about them? They just have a certain charisma, that peaks your interest. If so then you know exactly what Im talkin bout…..I know, I know, I know (c) Jay-Z its been a while….lets get it!

a while back I remember the homie and I was out kicking it doing the usual stuff… eye fucking, window shopping, kickin it etc…So in the corner of my eye I noticed a hurd of hips & dumps walk in….1 cute, 1 decent, 1 resemebled roadkill…all built like stallions though..owwwwwwwwweeeeeeeee

So immediatley he was like “Yea man the cute one is sexy as hell.” So I did a double take and ummmm yeah no dice. She was cute an all but nothing about her or that spandex inspired outfit screamed sexy. Not to mention she was knock kneeded so that right there alone ruled her ass out. I dont care what anybody says that shyts impossible to achieve, fat ass or  

Crazy thing was the decent one had a nice sex appeal about her. Quick disclamier the only reason why she got the decent title simply because she so happened to be the happy medium between the cute one and the wild Bison built face one. She was the lesser of two evils. If you removed the cute one from the pack, they would been neck in neck but she still would of had that slight edge (by maybe 1-1/2 pts). So in theory she wasnt the best nor the worse thus the title was given. Now right of top she had a dope personality, seemed inteligent, smelled great, dressed slick and had a mean walk to match that lovely shape of hers. Both me and another nigga was like yea you know if we had to make a choice it would of been the decent one because of her appeal yet the other homie was stuck on the cute one. (Pour out a little liquor for the Bison)

Now I’ve had some bad girls who had the sex appeal of corpse and I’ve seen some girls who looked like a walking corpse that was sexy as shyt. You know those type thats coo but you wouldnt disrespect your camera by capturing a pic of her? Yep you know exactly what Im talking about. You be untagging them niggas on facebook quick and sending messages like “I look terrible take this down.” Being sexy is why a man or women cant keep their hands off of their significant other while being cute just kind of means you beat when ever one another gets the urge. And for niggas all that shyt fades away after the first time we see them drawms drop for the most part.

Which brings me to another point. We all have our prefrences and what we tend to be attracted to. If you look over your resume you’ll probly notice majority of the women/men you have rocked with have simlarities.  But sometimes someone may come along that doesnt quite fit the description. 

A few weeks back I just so happened to be at out an about and ran into a cute female who in most circumstances physically wouldn’t be my type. But on the flip side again, she was hella cute, hella coo, not to mention she had this crazy sex appeal. I was even telling the homie Kezzy like damn is it me or is she dope as fugggg….Then 5-10 mins after he saw & met her, he gave me the “Yes nigga, yes nigga, yes, yesssss” (c) Pharrell….Which by the way is some rare shyt coming from this dude…lol..I wonder if I actually got to know her, and we hit it off how much stronger would that attraction be? Who knows……

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