Stop Snitchin

So a nigga has been ghost on the blog tip for a minute, alot of shit has changed with Keez, but one thing hasn’t…I still ain’t got none!


But it’s cool, yo. A nigga is concentrating on different things to improve my situation, after a near death experience…yes niggas! Just to give you a recap of my goinsons, a nigga had been slavin at the J-O, working crazy ass hours, tryna catch a nap where I can, so a nigga hops in the car, super tired, my mind was impaired and I couldn’t even blame it on the goose, so I backed the Dodge into a tree…no major damage, so a nigga kept it movin. Five minutes later, I get pulled over on some WTF shit. Turns out a nigga was ridin dirty with expired tags, the policeman was a fellow nigga, so he let the homie go (shoutouts to Officer Ricky (really his name) trillllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Bawse!). I didn’t know you could renew your tags online, so I spent the rest of the week ducking and dodging the police by taking shortcuts to my house.

Fast forward to Saturday night…I take my traditional shortcut to the house and see police lined up everywhere, first thought is, this can’t be good, second thought is, do I have enough dough to get my car out of the impound if I do get pulled over. So I decide to park my car around the corner from my house and walk to my house. I get out the car and I see a police car ride by, so I ask the police in my white concerned voice “Officer, what the heck is going on, i’m trying to get home to get some rest before church and i’m a little concerned?”. She responds “We have two armed suspects that are on the loose in this neighborhood and we’re blocking all traffic in and out of this neighborhood until we find them.” I realized the shit was kinda serious when the helicopter spotlighted a nigga. So I start walkin towards the crib when all of a sudden I hear a voice from the bushes, “Nigga, you better shut the fuck up and don’t say shit else to the police.” Keez immediately thinks to himself, “Oh my damn!” all ‘swag’ is turned off and bitchassness turned on, lol. So I turn my ass around and start doing one of those ‘I gotta piss bad as hell but I don’t want these white people at my job see me run to the bathroom walks’. As i’m walking by, another officer drives by and I flag his ass down, because i’m feelin super unsafe (remember, i’m not a hood nigga, but a nigga from the hood (c) 3000, lol). I say to the officer “Sir, I really don’t feel safe right now, can I please get a ride home?” This nigga says, “Can’t you see we’re looking for someone right now? I can call you a cab!”. Pissed, I walk off, praying that Jesus will save my troubled soul and forgive me for all the lies i’ve told to women over the years, all the illegal music i’ve downloaded and all the x-rated sites I frequented on lonely nights. Eventually I get to the crib, call the homie Dre and tell him about the bullshit that is my neighborhood, lol.

I say all of this to say…I mistakenly called Cam’ron an idiot for promoting the ‘Stop Snitching’ movement, until I was in a situation where I could’ve snitched, and I chose not to. Color me blind, but I didn’t even have the reaction to tell the police that the guy they were looking for was in the bushes. This was even before I thought about the consequences of my actions if I had decided to ‘snitch’. Being a resident of the neighborhood, i’d undoubtedly have to testify against these niggas, my address would be on blast and my face would be recognizable, and i’d have to face the wrath of these niggas everyday for the rest of my existence in this neighborhood. Call me a hoe/punk/captain if you want to, but being threatened/killed is not something I want to add to the list of the bullshit I deal with on the daily, lol. Granted if this were the case where harm was done to a child, i’d hop out on the limb and snitch, because the ‘hood’ respects that. I don’t think the most gangstalicious nigga would let a nigga get away with shit involving children. Unlike alot of my fellow college educated black people, I live in a neighborhood facing the trials of gentrification, so like my past self, it might be easy for you to knock the ‘Stop Snitchin’ movement, but until you’ve walked a mile in mine, don’t judge me. Shit is real out here and my safety> police search…sorry.


One Response to Stop Snitchin

  1. someguy says:

    im weak at the dude being in the bushes.. but i feel you on the lesson learned too. shits been goin wild on yo end

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