On The Subject of Homie Hoppin

In Keez terms, homie hoppin will be defined as a male/female who hops from friend to friend in a sexual/relationship kinda way.



Personally, I can’t really say that i’ve homie hopped, however, I have dated a female or two knowing that I would leave her ass the minute the wavier friend decided to give a nigga the time of day, unfortunately, that shit never happens, which might be because said girl tells her homegirl that Keez drives a Dodge, or that after the first time Keez put it down, its been downhill every since…either way, her homies never put out the proverbial lilly pad for a nigga to homie hop to.

Unfortunately, my niggas don’t have the same mindset…they’re more along the lines of ‘That nigga Keez beat, so she must be: easy/a low self esteem broad/ desire a nigga that’s not packin/ like a nigga with a damper outlook on life, or all of the above…so I should be able to hit easily’. And these niggas are correct for the most part. I can remember one time, from the depths of my college daze at the A-House, one young lady and Keez had a passionate night that resulted in a drunken Keez screaming obscenities at this broad as I booted her out of my room…after I got my rocks off, of course. The next day, i’m stepping around at a party, see ole girl, and she gives me the gangsta grill (of course I don’t remember the cussin out part). After the party is over, I hit up ole girl to see if I can beat, beat, beat © Bobby V. Of course she hits me back with the I’m busy text, so I try to hit up options B or C to no avail. Meanwhile, i’m in the kitchen talkin to the homies…we hear jingling keys at the door and I see my roommate with this same broad. I’m thinking, WTF? Not in a jealous kinda way…wait a minute, a nigga is lying. First thought was…was the D that bad? Second thought was that I shouldn’t have bragged on her ability to rock the mic to my niggas, knowing how thirsty they were for something new, I just couldn’t believe it © Teddy Pain. Of course, my ass got flambasted by the homies, as they clowned my fallen soldier. The next day, this broad hits me up like nothing happened and actually wanted to hang out…now i’m thinking, WTF, and so I immediately cut this broad off, overall this was just a case of homie hoppin gone wrong.

While this was the slut version of homie hoppin, a lot of females are guilty of another type of homie hoppin, which is, lettin a nigga get his holla on, while never informing him that she used to be the homie’s jumpoff during the Spring of ’08. Some of ya’ll may think that it’s no one’s business what you do with your genitalia with previouscats © Musiq, but i’d beg to differ yo. Nothing worse than when a chic you’re with tries to avoid eye contact with your homie cuz he’s giving her the googly eyes as he reminisces those days he used to tea bag ole girl at her mama’s house. The shit is not cool on both sides. For one, its up to the homie to tell you, ‘Hey nigga, I used to mess with ole girl’, and its up to the hopper to do the same. I believe that you have to arm a potential boo with that kind of knowledge so that he can know if its something worth pursuing.

Based on which one of your homies ole girl/boy bopped with in the past, you may not want to deal with her. While ole boy is your man…50 grand, the nigga has a shady STD past, with allegations of that herp, do you really want to be the next happy-go-lucky nigga in the Valtrex commercial because you wanted to see what all the talk was about? Didn’t think so. Knowing is beautiful, yo. While I skate through life trying to bop with as many females as I can, once I know that one of my niggas has dealt with a female on a sexual level, she’s off limits to me, color me shallow, but I don’t want to invite one of my niggas to our potential wedding, kiss my bride and have this nigga thinking about how he used to paint her jaws with his semen swab…not Keez. But at the same time, I won’t knock a nigga who’d wife a woman up after knowing that chapter in her past, because honestly, some niggas just don’t care about all of the trivial shit…a good woman is a good woman even if she used to be your brother’s bottom broad.

Lastly, I leave ya’ll with this, from the homie Corey Holcomb…’Women don’t know what they want, that’s why they be by themselves at church when they’re 50.”


One Response to On The Subject of Homie Hoppin

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    PS:Do you considered putting video to the web site to keep the readers more entertained?I think it works.Best regards, Imelda Taglauer

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