Lil Wayne Rolling Stone Cover




3 Responses to Lil Wayne Rolling Stone Cover

  1. SJD says:

    This nigga has tattoos on his eyelids!? Like, he paid someone to stab his eyelids with a needle and inject ink! *shakes head and walks away*

  2. Dre says:

    exactly and it doesnt help the nigga already looks like a muppet baby crossed with a gremlin…..when he gets old. all bad doggie

  3. TFD says:

    I’m about to go watch (for the umpteenth time) the hilariousness that is his interview with Katie “Ms. Katie” Couric.

    “Ms. Katie, I’m a gangsta and gangstas don’t ask questions.”

    Are we shocked about the eyelid tats bc he should do better and be a role model? If so, he’d have this to say to you: “If you need a role model for your life, then you shouldn’t have even been born.”

    *dead* … *still dead*


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