WTF: Only “Light Skinned” Women Allowed For Ciroc Ads!

So Im swag surfing the net right  (dont judge me) and happen to run across this post @ YBF…..What the Diddy?


So last night a talent management company for Ciroc–Imperative Talent Management–sent out a casting call notice to their mailing list. Ciroc is taping a new commercial on Friday with Diddy and they listed their requirements. And if you fail the paper bag test, you need not apply


Subject: Promo girls needed!!!
Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 9:49 PM

Ciroc Promotion

Ciroc promo is this Friday, March 27, 2009
Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm and 12:00am – 3:00am


Race: White, hispanic or light skinned african american
Height: At least 5′6 or taller
Size 7 or smaller.

This is a cash @ wrap job and the booking will be thru our partner. Please submit asap. Talent will only be contacted if the client is interested in booking you!!!

Compensation: $35.00 per hour

Imperative Talent Management
3500 Lenox Road, Suite 1500
Atlanta, GA 30326
404-419-2565 Office
404-419-2564 Office

Epic Failure no matter how they try to spin this shyt…..Somewhere Yung Berg is clapping….Let me find out M. Kezz was behind s this e-mail out…lol


2 Responses to WTF: Only “Light Skinned” Women Allowed For Ciroc Ads!

  1. TFD says:

    You know he was, my Spec discriminates. Now that I think about it…with the exception of me, lol, I think all of the 14 to that he Spec’d are light-brites! SHAME!

    – Katelyn, proud jig…and/or classicly confused, lol.

  2. Dre says:

    lmao *dead*,

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