My Prototype (c) Andre 3000























Text: “How come you didnt chime in on the M Keez post? Im sayin if  you could describe your ideal woman, like you know your prototype would she be that?”

Well as you can tell by my post pic (c) See above,  lets just say M Keez & I think a tab bit…Obviously Im opposite of the high yella *no shots*

Its that pretty brown, brown, driving me wild...

Girl: Hey!

Me: *looks around*…umm Hey

Girl: How are you? Im such n such. So I just so happen to notice you and I must say I think your very handsome

Me: *looks over*,Why thank you! Appreciate that. Ummm yea those are some nice shoes? (you see what I did there…lol)

Girl: Are you Somalian? Dominican?

Me: *sigh*- *blank stare*, Nah hardly. 100% nigga

Girl: Rightttt, Bet you the type that likes red bones with long hair huh?

Me: *insert wtf facial expression* Negative… but I must say I do like attractive ones though. And on that note I hope you have a good night…*smirk*

Real quick, Im a ride shotgun with Kezzy on his post about knowing what you want and going after what you want. Why settle? Isnt that the whole idea in life? We all have preferences and its nothing wrong with knowing what you want. People get offended by the shyt all the time. I could never understand why? I hate ranch, fish sticks, and hamburger helper. I know, I know, I know the ranch/hamburger helper is shocking to niggas right? Theres a back story to it, thanks to my lovely mother but it is what it is. Im just saying you know what you want so why not pull the trigger…

The Physical

Now as far as my prototype goes, lets start off with being attractive. Thats numero uno….lol….All that personality stuff cant trump waking up everyday to a woman that resembles Dennis Rodman, no dice…lol…Thats the starting point! For some reason or another Im a sucka for that chocolate/ dark skin tone. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a deep passion for brown/ chocolate women. Its something that just does it for me. Cant explain it… my mind theres nothing more beautiful (c) Goodie Mob…..Theres a trick to this though because not all girls have that glow but for the ones that do have it….oweeeeeee.  I remember when I met Gabriel Union and oh boy…When I tell you this chick had the craziest skin ever…eshhhhhh.. On my momma I swear she has to sleep under coco butter threaded sheets at night. Funny thing is if you actually glanced over my entire dating/kicking it career you’ll notice I’ve only had a very few of these type of women during my

Now the next thing is she would be thick. Thats right thick not fluffy (c) a cheese burger away, or fat. Hell of a difference! My senior year in HS I decided to try something different. Decided to break my usual “thick” streak. There I was with a slim girlfriend and I cant even lie, it was weird. Especially during sex! Nothing cute about seeing her entire rib cage. A few times I could of swore I saw her actual heart beat thru her skin. Like on some x-ray type of shyt…wtf

Building on this, she would be thick with some dumps (c) Jamie Foxx. What can I say I favor a mean backside over some D’s anyday. And dont let her have a mean walk too…..*curtains*…Plus the visual during sex is on a hundred thousand trillion. I can only recall one female that I kicked it with that had no butt. Hella cute but built like Sponge Bob. I kept thinking wow I can actually see her entire spinal cord. This some bullshyt……Height wise as long as shes not a gah damn giant or midget Im coo…..


She has to be intelligent, God Fearing, and def. has to have a sense of humor. The humor part is a deal whether or not you believe in sweet little baby jesus…just joking. But seriously I cant imagine even interacting with woman without one, let alone being married to her. How miserable would that be! Especially with my comedic ways and sarcastic comments this aspect is hella vital. Another essential factor is she has to be a dreamer. Why? Because I am. I could careless if she was collecting buggies in the parking lot of Wally World as long as shes striving for more out of life Im with it. 

So if I had to describe my prototypo she would have this type of foundation. Now mind you we arent talking about “rings” and wife material, so no need to take it even more in depth. In closing if I had it my way, this would be the type of female I would wanna rock with. But thats a big IF! You just never know what life has in store. Its possible I may never meet this woman, then again maybe one day I will. What if I already met her and I just dont know it yet? Maybe I unknowingly passed her up, but what if she passed me up? Thats the funny thing about life, you cant control it nor can you stop it. You just have to enjoy the journey as my pops would say. While Im talkin, how fuckin hilarious would it be if I ended up with snow flake…lol


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