Question Of The Day: Prenup Yay or Nae?

prenupOk lets say you come into a nice amount of money right. Regardless if yall have been together before it or after it the end result is that your not married. So when the relationship gets to that point do you think its necessary to have a prenup put in place?Now if your already married, no dice. But if your not, I think its a fair request. Im sayin why should I have to give you half because your unhappy or because you go crazy and want out. 

Now on one hand its hard because in a sense its almost saying your setting the marriage up for failure. Like I hope it doesnt happen but lets make plans for it just incase…lol..But on the other hand you have to know its a reality…

So what do yall think? If you had the mula would you get one?


4 Responses to Question Of The Day: Prenup Yay or Nae?

  1. t.polite says:

    I don’t know if I would make someone else sign one. I would sign one, no biggie. I say that loosely. lol. I don’t believe in divorce, with the exception of a couple of situations…

  2. TFD says:

    I don’t think I’d make someone else sign one, but I also don’t think I’d sign one either. I too am not a believer in divorce, except in extreme circumstances (the ” til death do us part” is getting real in the field and may be intentional, lol.) and would feel that signing the pre-nup is opening that door.

    Note – I say this from the stance of an average income type of woman. If I was making the billions that I’m truly worth…I don’t know if my stance would remain the same. But I’m pretty sure it would. 😉

    – Katelyn

  3. Dre says:

    Kate, where you been? You been MIA b-day shot out or nothing….I almost had to do my usual or you alive

  4. llate says:

    dont plan to divorce, but i would definitely sign one. and hope that the stress it causes in the beginning of our relationship doesnt interfere with our entire union.

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