Am I Color Struck Or Do I Just Like What I Like?

So lately, several of the homegirls and I have debated about my infatuation for light skinned girls with no melanin © Mikey Rocks…


The conversation always goes a lil somethin like this:

Me: Yo, such and such is dope/wavy/bad/(insert adjective here),

Homegirl: You only like her because she’s light skinned

Me: You damn right, what’s wrong with that, I prefer the high yella sisters?

Enter argument, lol…Now i’m not on that Young Berg shit, where i’ll say some reckless shit like, “I don’t like dark butts”, in fact, I’ve dated a number of beautiful brown skinned sistas in my day, but my preference is light skinned. It’s not that I’ve been inundated with the media’s image of lighter complected women being the ‘world’s most beautiful women’…not at all, moreso, its actually the opposite. Being a highlighter (aka high yella nigga) myself, most of the women who raised me and helped formulated many of my opinions about life are light skinned. My mother is fair skinned, and she exemplifies beauty to me in every since of the word, and my grandmother, who could pass for white, just happens to be the most beautiful woman I know, so to me, I have a natural affinity for light skinned women as they’ve always paralleled beauty in my mind. I believe this is some sort of Freudian concept because women are usually attracted to men who resemble qualities embodied in their fathers, and I can definitely say the same.

Never is this explanation good enough when dealing with sistas, so to my sistas, I say wtf? Lol…Nah, but i’m a shorty, all 5’6″ of me, so I ask, what about tall women who refuse to date shorter men? Obviously they are exhibiting a personal preference which is the same thing i’m doing, yet I receive all the bitchin and moaning. While i’m in the gym on the daily, i’m currently not a ‘buff’ nigga, so because I can’t wear tight, form fitting shirts at the club because i’m trying to hide this kegorator I got on deck, women who like ‘in-shape’ niggas won’t give me holla, because i’m not their preference, can I be mad at this? Hell nah, I can’t see myself being mad at a woman who is not attracted to me, what I look like debating a woman in the grocery aisle on what she thinks about my recurring acne, lol…Personally I feel that it speaks to the insecurities of the women I have this conversation with, for some reason it seems that they equate black beauty with a lighter complexion, I don’t, it’s just a mere preference of mine. The criticism would be completely different/more understandable if I was a close minded to only dating light skinned women. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman no matter her shape/size/hairstyle and if I happened to run into a woman I found beautiful who happened to be as black as the street was © Kanye, we vibed on a personal level and had fun, I wouldn’t be opposed to curtailing my preferences to suit my attraction to her.

However, what I am talking about is from the mere standpoint of physical attraction, i.e. in the club, what catches your eye and subconsciously says…I gotta get that. To some of the homies, it might be the lonely fat girl at the bar, others it might be the cute girl with the flaw, Keez, its light skinned with the wavy hair, and what’s wrong with that? Can you help who you are physically attracted to before you engage that person in conversation? I could spot 50 bad women who fit my prototype to a tee, but if I don’t vibe with any of them on a personal level, then she loses her aura of beauty to me (not in the sense of her physicality, cuz i’d still watch her perform wonders on pornotube if she was into that kinda thing…u niggas know what I mean, lol).

Even breaking it down on a simpler scale…I hate seafood, niggas always seem to think i’m buggin when I pass on the fish, shrimp, lobster, etc. but its because I prefer not to, I can’t make myself like seafood, shit just tastes horrible to me, just like I can’t make myself like a woman that i’m not physically attracted to, feel me? A lot of people try to hit me and others with that ‘its whats on the inside that counts the most’ bullshit, but if you are not attracted to a person physically, its gonna be that much harder to try to find those things about that person’s personality to keep you intrigued. In the example I used earlier, while the female wasn’t my prototype, she was still attractive to me, so with the physical attraction there, it was easy to try to learn more about her.

Lastly, ladies, if this post isn’t sufficient for ya’ll, I don’t know what to say but kill yoself…yeah I said it, lol. If you want to still be critical of me, that’s fine, but i’m sure you have a really sharp knife under your bed that you keep there just in case your baby daddy gets on some Chris Brown shit, I want you to take that knife, and slit your wrist…aight, i’m just playin, but…unless you are out here dating every Tyrone, Delrico and Hairston based on personality (no looks at all) then you cannot criticize me, if you’re out here dating fat niggas, niggas who took the short bus to school, niggas with psoriasis or other deformities, then you have every right to criticize me for my preferences, but if you’re only talking to the niggas in the club that fit that ‘prototype’ in your minds matrix, you have no room to criticize me at all…so kill yoself, lol. No woman would criticize me for having a preference for liking a woman who had a negative connotation associated with her beauty, i.e. a fat girl (shout outs to my BBWs, lol) or hoodrats, but because i’m open and honest with my preference, i’m the bad guy…well, say hello to the bad guy, bitches © Jigga, lol.


4 Responses to Am I Color Struck Or Do I Just Like What I Like?

  1. KJ says:

    There’s nothing wrong with having preferences. As long as you know dark skinned doesn’t make you ugly I think we have an understanding keyster 🙂


  2. t.polite says:

    5’6 huh? *side eye* 😉

    What you like is what you like. No one can change your mind just like you can’t change theirs. It’s you who misses out on the benefits of us chocolate women…lol…

  3. llate says:

    the differnce in men and women. women are mean. if they set there preferences, they dont change. men? we’re a little nicer. we can see women who have problems but still find beauty in it.

    dude 1: “look that ugly chick in the corner”
    dude 2: “she got ass though. i’d fuck. would you fuck? i would fuck” (c) de-ray.

    seriously though. i prefer lighter shaded women either. but in no way am i going to limit myself to just lighter shades. because its not a lot of good women out there. and the few that are good arent all yella. women just need to realize that all the good men are driving range rovers, 6’2, and 2 percent body fat.

    im a regular dude with ambition drive, no kids. bought to graduate college. not down low. no diseases. open your minds ladies

  4. m.keez says:

    If nobody in the world feel you, I feel you my nig, lol

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