Girl Quit Chasin Cars (c) 3000

I’ve been clubbin a lot more than I normally do, maybe its cuz i’m in my personal chic recession or it could be the fact that clubbin on a Friday night is a better option than pornotube for the fifth night in a row, but I keep running into this broads that think their shit don’t stank…and they’re turning me off © Keri Hilston


So i’ll paint the picture like Norman Mailer. Typical Friday night at the club, drinks flowing, and Keez and the homies are having a damn good time. Tipsiness hits me and gives me just enough courage to try to holla at the broad that has rejected every other nigga who tried to talk to her before me. I approach, and she clearly has an attitude…you know, the type of tude that’s a result of her EBT card not being reloaded in March, and so she brings that to the club. I hit her with the one minute run down ‘I’m M. Allen, I don’t have a big ‘D’, but I do have a mean tongue game, I live in the hood and I drive a Dodge.’ That gives her the humorous version of my life story…sike, lol. Nah, but despite the recklessness displayed on the blog, I am respectable in my approach. I introduce myself, ask for the name and try to judge the dialogue from there…in this case…no mas, but its done in a disrespectful way, with the neck rolling, nigga what the fuck are you doing in my face kinda look behind it, so I keep it moving and holla at the fat broad in the corner. In the words of Corey Holcomb, you gotta holla at the fat bitches til you get you’re paper right…After the club, this same disgruntled broad who rejected every nigga in the club is grinning from ear to ear, as the nigga in the Land Rover calls her over to the whip in a ‘Hey bitch, come here’ kinda tone.

Now, keep in mind, Keez is not a hater of a nigga or the game…if broads show you love because of your materialistic possessions, take the pussy, cuz when I get my money right, I will, lol. But I will take this opportunity to flambaste these bitches who do chase cars, materialistic possessions, etc. If you do any of the above, You’se a hoeeeeeeeeeee © Luda. Ladies, I know you think i’m being harsh, maybe showing some spite because I constantly get rejected by these types of broads, and you’re right got damnit…but its my blog and I can bitch if I want to, lol. Boppers, this is a tough pill to swallow, but follow a nigga…i’ve never paid for the pussy with  a hand over hand exchange (have paid for it with weeks of Blockbuster movies and DiGiorno Pizzas), but this is damn near the same thing. In the case of me dealing with a prostitute, this broad is attracted to me because i’m willing to barter my money for her sexual services…condoms included in the price of course. This is the exact same thing with a bopper, in my opinion, you’re no different than the hoe working the track…a bopper will convince herself that the nigga is the ‘right guy’ because he possesses the ability to fulfill her materialistic needs, nevermind the fact that the nigga could be cross-eyed or the fact that the nigga puts it down for a full minute thirty in the bedroom, as long as he can pay your Sprint Bill, take you to Ruth’s Chris and pay for yo Daddy’s Viagra addiction you could give a fuck. Seriously, who needs a quality person when your materialistic needs are always fulfilled, said the divorced NBA wife?

Granted, there are some good niggas who are doing their thing with hella materialistic possessions, but this ain’t about them, this is about the scaleywags who dog niggas like me in the club, lol. Personally, I’m an old fashioned type of dude, i’d rather get to know a female for who she is and learn where she’s going rather than get comfortable with where she’s at, right now, she might be in a condo, but her drive might keep her there, while I might be trying to buy the building…not really sure why female’s are on the same shit. I understand being attracted to an attractive person with ambition, but is ambition defined by what kind of car you drive or your address, or is ambition defined by the drive behind the person? Currently a nigga is in the Dodge for the foreseeable future and working towards my dreams and ambitions, but in the club that don’t count, lol. In the club, we have a lot of Caroline’s…see all the guy’s would say she’s mighty fine, she needs a golden calculator to divide, etc…but while she’s fine as frog hair © Michael Colyar, real niggas like me, go for down to Mars girls © 3000. And this is real shit.

Ladies, your fine and his money don’t last forever. Reason being is that as soon as that nigga loses his job, you’re off to the next man, or as soon as you find out that all of the caked up make up has mutated your skin for the rest of your life, and you’re rendered ugly forever ever, he’ll leave yo ass.  Its important to be attracted to a person’s persona, rather than what they can do for you (i.e. Gucci Bandana © for the fellas or arm candy for the fellas)…that’s selfishness, and selfishness always leads to unhappiness. If you’re a bopper…fuck you, lol, but if you’re a real woman, realize that there are ways to gracefully reject a nigga while still appearing to be a nice person, its nothing really lady about being a bitch when you don’t have to. Hell, just the other day, I hollered at a mighty fine white woman, convo was on point, she was a bit older than what I was looking for, but when I went to further the contact, she hit me with the…I can give you my e-mail address, lol. She knows good and got damn well a nigga is never gonna send her an e-mail, but she did it in a respectful way…now, if I would’ve seen her chasing cars after the club, she’d be considered a bop too, but we ain’t get that far, lol. At the end of the day its important to really learn a person, rather than possessing an infatuation for what they can do for you. Fellas, the cute chic with a flaw in the corner might be a better feel for you than the model chic at the bar, ladies, the nigga in the Honda (shouts out to the homie Dre) might have dreams and goals that are more in line with yours…looks and money don’t last, genuine people do.

Oh, and FYI, don’t drink magnesium citrate unless you have a full day off from work, lol…eeesh.


2 Responses to Girl Quit Chasin Cars (c) 3000

  1. t.polite says:

    What the hell are you doing drinking that anyways?? too much cheese?

  2. m.keez says:

    Lol, yeah, the homie was a lil irregular these past few days, lol

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