To Shack Or Not To Shack Tis Is The Question


Do I believe in it? Hells cheaaaaaa (c) McLovin…..walk with me

Ok so heres my take on the whole topic. The shyt is essential! Its absolutely necessary! Why you ask? Because at the end of the day this is suppose to be forever. Forever? Forever, ever, forever, ever (c) Andre….Its a vital part to having a inside view on what your life is going to be like together. Now before you nakkas get all riled up an shyt first let me say that this not a trial period per say or a “Ohhhh lets see if this works out and if for any reason it doesnt we can opt out” type of ordeal. Well…thats not 100% true

In relationships we all find ourselves constantly growing everyday and the reality of it all is that you never really know a person inside out. We learn things about our partners everyday, every month, every year.  My thing about shacking up is basically I need to know the good, the bad, and the fucked up.  I need the “this is how your life is going to play out” choose the red or green pill sucka! Naturally theres going to be things that will get on my nerves, theres going to be things I love, things I fucking hate but the key to it all is how we handle & address those issues. When your not living to together, shyt pops off (c) Tip,  you can just leave. You can escape the situation but living together strips that luxury from you. It forces you to work out issues one way or another because you cant run. 

Think about it Ladies! You get married and then boom you come to find out your hubby loves handi cap porn. Strange? Maybe….. But thats his thing though. He likes seeing helmet to helmet, hearing slurred moans and all that but thats not end of it. Cum to find out, he loves emptying out his nut sac on the computer keyboard. Trust its hella things that can remain hidden in the dark when your not living together. This whole time you thought it was those p&j sandwhiches he ate while surfing the net that caused the sticky buttons, nope, jokes on you. It was a little splash of birth mayo the whole time. Now imagine being introduced to some shyt like that after the wedding date and then having to address it.

To be fair Im all for proposing prior if thats the argument some wanna make. In reality Im not moving in with someone I dont plan on marrying anyway so I’ll give you that one. But just know that the magical “date” will remain blank until further notice…lol  

And lets not forget thee flipside, the financial portion. Which in my mind makes hella sense.  Why not save, why build towards both your futures, and why not go dutch, so you both can win. Why wait till after you jump the broom? So you can be in debt prior….fuckkkk all that…..

Is this a “testing” grounds  or whatever ummm in some ways yes, but overall nahhh because at the end of the day I still love that person regardless. But fuck, if she likes to throw dirty tampoons against the bathroom walls for fun every now and again I need to know this type of shyt. I know hella couples who lived together before marriage and I know some that didnt. For the ones that didnt, lets just say it was a rude awaking…lol…so in closing a date wont be set, till we living in the same set (c) homeless bum


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