Am I Really Hatin?

Ever since the term hater was birthed in the mid 90’s, its been tossed around more times than a cuss word in a Samuel L. Jackson movie…


You know the scenario, the homie is rockin the denim leggins aka skinny jeans and you tell him he’s suffering from homo-tosis. The homie strikes back, “Nigga you just hatin cuz yo fat ass can’t fit in em”. But are you really a hater? Personally i’m a very critical nigga, critical of others and most importantly, critical of myself. So if I see something out of the ordinary, well got damnit, i’m gonna call it out, even at the risk of being pegged as a hater. Nowadays it seems like disliking something/someone is synonymous with the term ‘hater’, almost to the point where if you question anything in a negative way, you’re automatically subject to the label.

Granted I understand a distinct difference exists between constructive criticism and negativity, but how can I tell the nigga on myspace who keeps sending me his wack ass music that the shit sucks without the nigga calling me a hater? Do you just preceed through life being nice to niggas for the sake of not being labeled a hater? Keez says hellllllllll nah…hate, hate, hate (c) Chapelle Show.

Now if you’re a nigga in the hood who’s jealous of the homie with a nice car, cute wifey, etc. and you bad mouth him consistently based on those characteristics, you, my friend, suffer from HAND (Hatin Ass Nigga Disease). A true hater hides some form of vicious jealousy behind the hate. In this scenario, you are jealous of the fact that the whip is a tad bit fresher than your Dodge, his girl is modelesque and you, well you have a collection of digital girls…and since your current situation isn’t improvement, the only way you can make yourself feel better is by degrading your perception of that person…now that’s a hater.

In close, if you invest enough time to make an educated opinion about something/someone and you dislike that something/someone, then got damnit, you can’t be considered a hater. If I ran across another blog site that got more traffic than ours, and I badmouthed them for the sole reason that more people hit up their site than ours, then thats some hater shit. If I check out the site, read the posts and formulate the honest opinion that it’s a shitty site, I can’t be labeled a hater. Long story short, you sensitive niggas need to get over any perceived jealousies and become more secure with yourself…as long as you are content with self, do the opinions of others really matter?


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