30-40 Beers a day? WTF?


According to the Akron Beacon Journal, former OSU LT Alex Boone has, well, umm….a small problem with drinking.

Disclaimer: As all of you know I love my alma mater and all of its 30-40+ teams, HOWEVER, this had to be shared

After his second alcohol-related arrest in three years, Ohio State left tackle Alex Boone might be starting to realize he can never drink again….

To salvage his once-promising football career, he might have to convince NFL executives that he has conquered a problem that Boone confided in college once reached a peak of ”30 to 40” beers a day.

Boone arrived at the league’s Scouting Combine this week prepared to bare his soul about his arrest on Super Bowl Sunday in Aliso Viejo, Calif., when he was jumping on the hoods of cars and trying to break the window of a tow truck. Shouting obscenities and resisting arrest, and with a blood-alcohol level nearly three times California’s legal limit, the 6-foot-8, 328-pound Boone had to be dry-Tasered twice before police could subdue him…….

I wonder what it looked like to see this large man actin’ an ass like that.   Hmm….Maybe that’s why the Florida and LSU DE’s got around him so easily in the BCS games…..sigh

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