Racist or Political Sattire? You be the judge…


Source: NY Post


5 Responses to Racist or Political Sattire? You be the judge…

  1. m.keez says:

    Definitely racist…if they were just shooting an image of him, that’d be more satirical, but when you’re comparing him to a monkey, yeah, thats a bit racist, lol

  2. Grown Man P says:

    This is racist crap. I echo Keez comments. Look who is shooting him. Two flat foot cops. SMH

  3. Dre says:

    see this is the shyt Im talkin about…*blank stare*

  4. Not so much says:

    Whether the artist meant for this cartoon to be overtly racist or just a satyrical representation of the current government is purely a matter of opion at this juncture since he hasn’t made a statement. What is clear is that it is an irresponsible analogy based on the historical depiction of black people as primates. Was it as offensive when Bush was depicted as a monkey? Probably not. But the artist’s message could be the same. Due to the racial undertones we’re left with no other option but to question the true meaning. Racist or no, the artist is granted freedom of press therefore has the right to draw whatever he pleases, though I don’t think an actual picture of the President being shot would have made it to print. One thing is for sure, this issue is getting really old, really fast. Are we really going to have to put up with, could be/could be not racist satire for the next 4-8 years? Either way, Black people will be deemed racially sensitive or be at the butt of some very mean, warrantless jokes.

  5. charles says:

    I believe that the intent of the cartoon may not be as clear as some may portend. My initial reaction to cartoon is the officers are shooting the chimpanzee which attacked the unfortunate woman in Conneticut.

    They then editorialize that a monkey could have written the stimulus bill based on their disagreement with the language or content of some part of the bill.

    And more accurately, President Obama did not write the stimulus bill. Obviously he had a very strong hand in what is included, but the actual language of the bill was written by a bi-partsin group of congressmen he chose.

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