It Was Lust At First Sight!


She said “I knew you were the one” my reply “Ummm whats your name again?”

walk with me……lol

Time, an time again you’ll here that good ole cute phrase  “Its not about the physical.” Shyyyttttttt, Yes it is! Why else would I approach you? For conversation? To get to know you? All that ass and you want me to care about your dreams & aspiration, no dice…lol…Sometimes ladies it is what it is especially when it comes us. But lets not act like yall dont be in the same boat. Im sure yall meet niggas all the time and right off the top your already made the decision that “Ohh yea Im putting milage on this clit tonight.”  So why pretend as if its something else? 

You ever meet someone so attractive that you start undressing they ass with your eyes. Like on some super hero shyt, you start painting a mental picture of what she looks like naked. Oh yeahhhh I’ll pretend to be listening to her while she talks, but truth be told Im listening to the sound of her voice and imagining how she moans. Shes going on, and on about her outfit, how she decided on it yada, yada..Im plottin on how in the fuck can I get her out of it. Then my danglang and mind start playin the question game.

Dangalang: You think she has dark or beige areolas?

Mind: Good question! You think she got them supple nipples or them long ones? Wait maybe she has those rocky mountain nips? You know the ones with bumps…lol.

Dangalang: You think shes rockin the bald, landing strip or is it possible shes werewolfing it? 

Mind: You think shes the type to get mad if it gets on her? I mean that is what belly buttons are made for.

Its just natural thing no? Well for niggas it is…I remember I met this stunning chick right! Ass, tits, thick, smooth skin, cute face and you would of swore we were childhood friends the way we was hitting it off. The funny thing is during our entire conversation I swore I had Fat Man Scoop on repeat in my mind…”Whos fucking tonight, whos fuckin tonight.” 

Its no such thing as love at first sight? The whole point to even approaching someone is because you are physically attractive to them. The entire notion about personality, etc is some bullshyt…..Name the last time you approached someone that had the face of death? Dont worry I’ll waittttttt (c) Katt Williams….


2 Responses to It Was Lust At First Sight!

  1. t.polite says:

    “I mean that is what belly buttons are made for.”

    *walks away shaking my head*

  2. Rayshawn says:

    Sitting back wondering how many snail trails I have left inside of belly buttons! LOL

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