Question of The Day: Is There Ever a Right Time To Lay Hands On a Female?


So in lieu of the Chris Breezy hauling off on Rhi-eezy storm brewing, the question issssssss

Is there ever a right time to lay hands on a female? 

Quick disclaimer before ya’ll get all hyped, and all that jazz M. Keez and I do not  believe in man handling females. Thats not whats up! Now shakin the shyt out of woman (c)Chris Rock is another story, thats fair game…lol (we kidddd, we kidddd). We all know the phrase that pays “There is never a reason to hit a woman” but how true is that? They must have not seen “The Family That Preys.” making excuses or sayin its right because its not but certain situations its like “I understand” (c) Chris Rock.

What yall think? Showwww lighttttttttt (c) Jamie Foxx


2 Responses to Question of The Day: Is There Ever a Right Time To Lay Hands On a Female?

  1. m.keez says:

    My immediate answer is no…but the Gemini says that its on some circumstantial shit, just keepin it real. The rumors are sayin that the homie Chris Brown got that herp from RiRi, truth be told, if a broad gave me an incurable STD, a damn smack might be the least of her worries, lol. Seriously, you’re just gonna let me beat,beat,beat (c) Bobby V and sit back and watch these bumps grown on a nigga as if nothing is wrong?

    I will admit, a few of my exes have almost made a nigga lose it, like I was able to constrain myself, but the inner Ike Turner was almost relinquished on that ass, and it would’ve been ugly for Keez, cuz I don’t have that $50K in bailout money, and as soon as the homies found out the lil light skinned dude was a woman beater, the devirginization of my backside would be takin place…ewww. But women drive a nigga to do some outlandish things and this will only help RiRi, she’s gonna be like on some Mary J. Blige shit, keep hittin the streets with records about how you can’t hold a good woman down, etc.

  2. t.polite says:

    This is probably an unpopular opinion but girls can’t just go around putting their hands on people not thinking there are repercussions either. I’m not saying a dude should beat a woman but he can hem her up if she starts getting too wild. It’s only fair. Some chicks need to chill the hell out…

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