Question of The Day (2/2/09)


M. Keezy & I was choppin it up the other day reflecting on our past & current situations right! Just talking about our acomplishments in life yada, yada and we both had the same feelings about the topic. Its like we both felt we havent reached that milestone yet in our lives.  No “Momma, Momma I made it”…So the question of the week is…drum rolllllll 

What has been your biggest acomplishment in life thus far? Or better yet do you even feel like you have had a big acomplishment?

Personally,  I dont feel I have. I mean I have achieved goals and all that but thats about it honestly. But maybe its more so because of my mentality and hunger for more in life. If you speak to my momma, graduating from OSU was it. Or if you speak to my family and friends they will say the fact I was working for major record label, dealing with artists, and living in NY was a big deal. To me, nannn not so. I just never viewed it in that light. Not sure why but I think its more so because I dont look in the past, Im always running toward the future.


One Response to Question of The Day (2/2/09)

  1. TFD says:

    I got a job that I love in my field just two weeks after my college graduation. Always Coca-Cola. Oh and I graduated on-time. I’m two for two! KOBE! But I’ve still got a loooong ways and many more accomplishments (and trials & tribulations) to come.

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