Did He Just Call Us Niggers?

Is this a misunderstanding…cuz I don’t understand


Funny how this subject crossed a nigga’s mind, because you see, this past Friday, I was so engulfed in the Grey Goose, that I damn near lost my mind. I must admit that, the last few times i’ve been drunk, i’ve fallen victim to some questionable behavior…inhibitions are non existent, so i’m always quick to do what’s on the tip of my mind’s iceberg. Nevermind all that bullshit, lol…See, it all started somewhere between shot number four, and Goose and Orange number three, when I saw this fine girl, fine as all outdoors, and in my drunkenness, I couldn’t quite find the words to say to grasp her attention….so I did the first thing that came to my mind, which was to grab that ass. After seeing the anger in her reaction, a nigga tried to dip off like I wasn’t the culprit, and as she turned around, I realized that I had just grabbed the ass of the prototype © Andre 3000. Puerto Rican…with ass, C-Cups, tiny frame, everything a nigga could ever want in his King Magazine and she was right here before my eyes…cursing me out.

The first words she uttered to Keez was ‘Nigga, did you just grab my ass?’…and my response was, ‘Bitch, did you just call me nigga?’. And so an argument ensued, lol…All I remember is her yellin, ‘I should smack the shit outta you’, and me responding ‘Oooh, I dare you’ (I’m really not sure what would’ve happened if she woulda smacked me or not, but I gave her that Ike Turner look, so she backed away, lol). So she grabs some square lookin dude, and he ain’t say shit of course…cuz I had two of my goons with me, a lawyer, and a salesman, lol. I told her that I knew Karate, and that really lightened up the mood, so she smiled and we started to talk about the larger issue at hand…This bitch callin me a nigga. I politely asked, ‘Are you black?’ Of course she said ‘No, i’m a Rican, but in New York, we call all of our niggas, nigga.’ I say ‘You know we ain’t in New York, right?’ She like yeah, but still….so I respond, well, ‘In Ohio, where i’m from, we grab girls asses, and they don’t seem to have an issue with that, its just a part of coming to the club, like pay the cover, and expect to get that ass grabbed at least fifty-eleven times © Ying Yang Twins’. She agrees that I have a point, and leaves me like a thief in the night, without takin my number. And to think…I was tryna beat, beat, beat, beat © Bobby V, until she knew not to call niggas, niggas.

Like in all of my twenty-six years of living, this is the first time that a non-nigga called me a nigga. If it wouldn’t have been a female, the reaction would’ve probably been a lot different. Under the influence of alcohol, I would’ve easily Karatecized that nigga (yeah, that’s a word, use it in Scrabble all the time). The reason being is that, I don’t even call niggas I don’t know, nigga. I rarely try to use that word around other black people that I don’t know, cuz I don’t know how comfortable they’d feel with the word. You might be sayin to yourself, why use the word in your blog then, nigga? Well, its just me, you, and about 1 billion of our friends who have access to the stoop, but who’s counting?

But I never really got this whole, DJ Khaled and Latino rappers using the word, like what part of the game is that? I’ve heard this dude DJ Khaled go so far to call himself a ‘Sand Nigga’, are you serious? What’s even worse is these rappers who allow themselves to be called a nigga, by this ‘Sand Nigga’, yet you got niggas like Plies who bitch and moan about Crackers being unfair and unjust. Granted, I get the whole debate about the N-Word, and it will continue on until i’m long and gone from the world. Personally, I use the word at least 50 times per day, cuz it makes my teeth feel whiter © Paul Mooney, but when did it become cool to allow other minorities call us nigga without confrontation?

Even when I was drunk, I still had sense enough to confront old girl on that, because you don’t know if i’m not comfortable with you calling me that term, just like I might not know if you’re comfortable with me grabbin that ass, lol. I just told her that, you don’t really know how I feel about the use of that word, so why would you take the chance of calling me that? I could be the damn DC sniper’s second cousin’s ex-baby daddy, and follow yo ass home and shoot you, cuz i’m on some fee-fi-fo-figga-boy I hate’s when a spic call’s me nigga shit, knamean?

Never in a hundred trillion years would I muster up the courage to walk up to a random Hispanic person and call them a Wetback or even a border jumper. I wouldn’t walk up to random white people and say, what up my honkeys or rednecks, because i’m not sure how comfortable people are with those terms. This issue reminds me of growing up…like it was cool for you and your boys to call the homie who always pissed in the bed ‘Young Pissin’, but let another nigga from around the way try to clown him on the low and call him ‘Young Pissin’, Young Pissin was gon be pissed literally, and we’d have to whoop the culprits ass immediately. To me, its a family thing, while I won’t call all my niggas, niggas, the term nigga is representing an overall struggle that we as black people go through on a daily basis, so when I use the term nigga, its more than just a word, its an adjective,adverb, noun, all that shit, lol, its used to describe that bond that I have with other niggas, and its also used to describe specific instances in life, peep this (c) Foxx:

Me: How was the club last night?

The Homie: Niggggaaaaaaaaaaa! (This clearly states that the club was crunk and I missed out)

Me: Did shit go down with ole girl last night?

The Homie: Niggaaaa (Ole girl gave him that great, great)

Me: How was that trip to the clinic?

The Homie: Nigga (Clearly doesn’t want to talk about his results)


So my question to you is, why are we so cool with non-black people addressing us as nigga? I really want to see you guys comment before I give my response….Showliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


2 Responses to Did He Just Call Us Niggers?

  1. The Truth says:

    I have been lucky enough 2 never have been called a nigger (knowilngly) by any1 my entire life but I oft times wonder what I would do if that had ever happened. All the ideas that run across my mind are often brutally violient and ends up with me being taken 2 Central bookings. The word is has stregnth no matter what and fore any1 other than a black person 2 utter that where I’m from (Bmore home of The Wire) is a request 2b beaten silly. It may be because the population of my city is 98% black and If u live in the hood the only time u would see a minority (non black) is in the chinese store or when white people were “coppin”. So to me in NY where blacks & hispanics call eachother nigga I cant be mad but know ur surroundings.. Like u told ol girl where I’m from we grab ass in the club but they may not be acceptible everywhere, so neither should her use of the word. I think Nigga can be used as we see fit, like you siad the connotation and inflection means everything and u can say it your whole life and never once “hear” it. if you kow what I’m sayin my nigga…

    *check this out http://www.fphil.uniba.sk/fileadmin/user_upload/editors/kaa/Ivan_Lacko/Naylor_Mommy_What_Does_Nigger_Mean.pdf

  2. Rayado says:

    For me, all the bad words about the races are shit. But… i would never call black guy a nigga, unless being called a honkey, redneck or anything of the kind. A fair play, you know – the only reason to blame someone of his or her race is being blamed of yours. And, actually, breaking one’s face is a better answer to nigga/honkey/kike/wetback/jap naming, than any backward offence.

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