I Wonder How Obama’s Ex Feels…

This is dedicated to the women who constantly sleep on a nigga’s dreams…

Obama Inauguration

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a strong blog to step to…the last few blogs weren’t really vintage Keez, so i’m  going extrahard (c) LB. I think this topic has been festering in the brain for the past 26 years of my life, because it has more to do with females sleepin on nigga’s dreams than it does with Obama being the most powerful man in the world. This blog is for my niggas who have to stand in line at the club, try to come at ladies in a respectful manner only to get played on some scrub shit, if don’t nobody in the world feel you, I do. Dedicated to my niggas who are hollering at the cute chic from the El Camino, ya’ll vibing, and then the nigga in the Benz beeps his horn at the broad, and she says, ‘Sorry, but, look at what you drivin!’
This is the part where I say, ‘Bitch’, lol. But instead of worrying about what a nigga drives,what happened to what drives the man? I have the drive to be a millionaire, but i’m currently driving a Dodge Intrepid. Who’s to say the nigga in the Benz drive, just drove him as far as he’s gonna go? Meaning, the Benz is the peak of that man’s hopes and ambitions in life? This is definitely not a blog to knock my nigga’s who are gettin broads as a result of their material possessions. As the great Young Joc once said ‘If a girl choose, let her do her thang.’ If she choosin up on a nigga based on his materialistic possessions, then do you. Right  now, I hate to dream about gettin paid, but best believe when I am paid, a nigga will gladly flip through the Hoe-lo-dex, looking for the chics who only wanted me because of what I drove. I will promptly take that ass to McDonald’s and wear her ass out at the Super 8 of her choice.
Not sure if this story is true or not, but I do remember hearing a story of Barack and Michelle, and when Barack kinda got out of line, she hit him with the ‘Nigga, I was with you when you had a hole in the floor of your car’. While their are some black women always-bring-a-nigga-down issues on display here, I can respect that, and love that about Michelle. To me thats the definition of real (c) Plies. A good, strong, beautiful woman who sticks by a nigga based on his drive, confidence, etc. I’m sure Michelle could’ve chose up on the lawyer, with the 745 Beamer from around the way, but instead she saw something in Barack, the skinny nigga with smokers lips, drivin the ’82 Monte Carlo with the hole in the floor…its really a beautiful thing, to see that she saw past all that and gave a nigga a chance. Not in her wildest dreams could she have imagined what the future might bring to Barack, but by stepping out on faith and taking a chance on him, based on his drive. Chickenheads, let this be a lesson. If Michelle can pass up the nigga in the Escalade for the corny dude in the El Camino…so can you, lol.
Meanwhile, what in the hell must be going through Barack’s ex’s mind? What a loser broad, lol. At onthestoop, we are not nieve enough to believe that Barack was a virgin til he got with Michelle, I know that Barack was slangin the D while at Columbia and at Harvard. And just like the rest of us, he probably had a few jumpoffs, but then ran into a woman who put it on him (thats why he start smokin them yellow booties) and was on love lockdown (c) Yeezy. Like every nigga in love, Barack probably had nose wide open, only to be played by said female, after leaving thousands of messages on her answering machine, Barack probably gave up, all the while, this chic was probably laughin her ass off at the simp in his voice, and to that, I have three words for her. Laugh now bitch, lol…Who’s laughin now? I am, and i’m sure Barack is, all the way from the Oval Office, can you hear that? And I mean, she probably slept on this man’s dreams, never thinking he’d evolve into anything of substance, and now he’s the most powerful man in the world, ain’t that a bitch? This broad could’ve been Juanita Jordan, and she’d still have to feel salty…MJ is a global icon, but i’ve never seen a man loved as much as Barack is…Barack> Any nigga on the face of the earth. Imagine what ole girl’s mama is sayin? ‘Takisha, how in the hell did you let Barack slip away, that coulda been you girl, instead you on your fifth baby daddy, and asking me to pick up yo stankin ass kids from Day Care…I coulda been the Mother-in-Law in the White House!’ Granted, if I dated Michelle back in the day, i’d just be like damn, I was holdin her ass back, she got this new goofy, big eared nigga, and now they in the Oval Office, the furthest I coulda took her was to my grandmama house for Fishfry Friday.
Ladies, the same goes for you, the prime example is Ike and Tina. I’m sure after Tina left his ass, everytime he thought about all the millions he missed out on, the nigga hit the pipe. I won’t go too hard on Ike though, because he is a hero in ghettoes across America as he has inspired yours truly to not take any bullshit from women. If a broad gets outta line, I am not afraid to pull off a Timb and face the repercussions in the Justice System, lol. Needless to say, fellas and ladies, we really have to allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the greater good of people. Material possessions only last so long, and will only get you so far in this short life of ours. If you only allow yourself to be attracted to people who are visually successful, you may be missing out on that person who is steadily on the path to success. So ladies, next time you gotta choose between the nigga in the Escalade or the nigga in the Dodge. Choose the Dodge, cuz the Escalade might get repoed tomorrow, lol.
Yo…if you’re stealin our blogs, at least give us credit, you bitchmade, fool ass, internet thieves, lol

3 Responses to I Wonder How Obama’s Ex Feels…

  1. wow! i was thinking that on Inauguration Day. about how Michelle been with dude for like ever. when they were both broke. even when she was on her come-up and he was a poor dude tryna make a difference in the neighborhood. they married for love and mutual respect. you don’t see that a lot in the public eye and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

    i am sure that Michelle never once tried to play that, “i pay the bills around here” card on Barack and and i can bet with 100% surety, that he never once lost sight of the magnificence that was and still is, Michelle. a strong, educated, beautiful black woman who is there by her man’s side… giving him everything he could possibly want and need. but still has enough to go around so their kids and other family members go without the same in their lives. everytime you see them look at each other, the scene sparkles with emotion.

    she is the woman i strive to be as i get older. dudes are gonna be on the lookout for a woman just like her, but just like Mrs. Obama… i’m gonna be looking out for love and mutual respect. someone on my level and then, at that point, i can look back and say that my exes missed out.

  2. SJD says:

    Not to play devil’s advocate, because I agree with what you’re saying, but I also think that those of us that are trying to do something different and approach women from a substantive perspective need to put a little more work into our dreams. Yeah, President Obama (I just like saying that) was broke, had a fucked up name and had smoker’s lips when he met the First Lady. However, He’d also graduated from Columbia University and been the top of his class out of Harvard Law school. So let’s look at the difference in these 2 conversations

    Him: Baby, Imma change the world one day. As soon as I get my credit right, I’m going to invest in this idea my boy came up with…a nigga’s gonna be doing big things.
    Her: Whateva nigga

    Him: Baby, Imma change the world one day. I’ve already graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law. Nah, I’m not sticking with this law firm, this is just to get the experience so I can work on a grass roots level to build the support for when I run for state wide office. From there, I’ll run for the US Senate and after that, we’ll see, but I have an idea.
    Her: So…you want your mouth hug now or later?

    My point is that we devote so much time to the trivial things that we really don’t have anything to show for the more substantive things that we value and want others to appreciate. Look at the President. He didn’t meet the First Lady at the club, she was his mentor for his internship. The dude basically hit on his supervisor. That’s not wasting time on frivolous, that’s staying focused on your focus (c) Beyonce.

  3. TFD says:

    *Applause for SJD*

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