Hello History I Believe We Have a Date…

Obama steps in and gets right to work….


1/20/09—History is was made. 

In a nation where the Black man was once noted as 3/5 of a White man
Where “separate but equal” was the way of life…
Where Blacks were enlisted and drafted to 
fight for the liberties that they were so vehemently denied
Where for hundreds of years a people were condemned to a class below that of ravage animals…
A nation whose magnificent capitol was created with 
blood, sweat and tears of slaves…

It is in that nation, that today a Black man will be sworn in as President.

If that doesn’t inspire you to live this day forward looking for a way to ignite the fire of change…I do not know what will. 

~ Katelyn via thefabulousduo

could have said it better myself…..watch the speech below!

if you did not watch this by now then you should off yourself immediately. 

more clips after the jump


One Response to Hello History I Believe We Have a Date…

  1. TFD says:

    I know I’m late but… 🙂

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