Question of the Day (1/19)


So the question of the day is….*drum roll*…..would you date a person who treats you right, does the right things, an has goals and dreams but currently worked at Burger King, Mc Donalds, Local Gas station. Now dont give the nobel answer sayin “ahhhh yeahhh I would” knowing you wont.  Ewwwww Clavin, nigga you smell like fries (c) Chapelle…lol

The reason this question came about is because we all know women more so than men are about status and shiny things (c) Chris…

Me personally as long as shes chasing something, and going after her passion then I could care less. Thats what its all about for me. I would rather have a chipolte girl, trying to do something with her life than an executive who doesnt want anything in life. Plus I could get a discount on the steak bowl…but thats just me…So what do yall think? Show lightttttttttttttt (c ) Jamie Foxx…


One Response to Question of the Day (1/19)

  1. TFD says:

    I’d love to say that I would, but I probably wouldn’t. I’d rather he work at the local Gap versus the local gas station. The S and P makes a clear-cut difference. Plus that discount on the attire will be fire. Hollaaaaaaaaaa! LOL, but for real – I can chase a Bentley all day long in these streets, but will I ever get it?

    ~ Katelyn

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