True Negro Theories: After 10:45 (pm), My Shaft Deserves HighFive


You see the title, you know where Im going with this, dont you?….lol

The situation goes a little something like this hit ittttttt (c) old school joint

10:50pm–phone rings

Me: *billy dee voice* Hello

Her: Heyyyyyy boy!

Me: Hey hun, was going on?

Her: Umm are you up? I was seeing what you was up to.

Backstory: *Thinkin, ummm what the fuck did I not just answer the phone, of course Im up*

Me: Nothing much, just chillin…watching a little tv. Why was going on?

Her: Oh well, I mean if your not busy, I wanted to come by and see you. You know hang out.

backstory: slong awakens out of deep coma. *looks around*

Me: O word! Thats cool, I dont mind besides aint like Im doing anything. Come thru!

backstory: smirk on my face, sexual thoughts racing around 

Her: Ok, gooooood! We get to hang out. Im on my way


Me:  Huh! Hello, hello? 

backstory: Slong challenges the call *Pulls out a red flag throws it on the field *…thinking what does “hang out” entail…

Heres my thing! If a woman is coming over my house past 10:45pm one of two things are going to happen either 1.) sexual intercouse or 2.) hardcore spooning. Yep thats right, hardcore (c) Lil Kim. We rubbin, huggin, and cuddling anything else would be pointless. For some reason women may look at it differently. I have no clue why, especially since women always claim to know men so well. So since you know us so well then you should know in my mind and in my dangalang’s mind (he makes decisions too) the theme song “time for some action” (c)Redman is playing loud as fugg.

Now from a woman’s standpoint she thinks its completely innocent rightttttttttttttttttt. Why would one ever think that! What makes it worse is that women never come over on the fly in a regular outfit…lol….You either get thin pajamas (with the panty line showing), little shirt or hoe beater with the bra strap layin loosly over the shoulder, showcasing the twins or a club outfit. And we all know what a club outfit consists of. Why would you not expect for me to try….My ball sac stays loaded, and any given time the dynamic duo is ready an willing to ride out. They straight G’s! They will do a drive by and unload at heartbeats notice.

Yet women tend to have the mentality oh lets hang out, watch some TV, have a deep conversation about gossip (wtf), fashion or some shyt that really doesnt matter. Then they put on the “SURPRISE” look on when you get to rubbing. Now I dont mind if I get the hand slap, thats cool. I know what your thinking really? Yea really! Well on second thought not really but it sounds good…lol….I can respect the fact you dont want to expose your monkey to all this sensation, you wanna hold out. Why holdout? I dont know maybe you dont wanna be considered easy whatever the hell that means.

I personally admire women who know what they want. Never understood that notion because we all know at some point you hugged a few shafts in your lifetime so aint no future in your fronting (c) Mc Breed. Its nothing wrong with that but I tell you what we cuddling nigga! No ifs ands or buts about that. I like to bring my “King Fingera” jersey out of retirement during times like this to sway them. Im not saying anything is wrong with doing those things but babygirl thats daytime, early evening shyt.

Now just to expand on this thought if you trying to come thru after midnight, cuddling is out the window. That option is null an void. If you not walking in the door, stripping and preparing for your ass to be in the air then dont even do it.  Just send me a text about whats on your mind and wait for my response the next day…..just my thoughts…lol


4 Responses to True Negro Theories: After 10:45 (pm), My Shaft Deserves HighFive

  1. TFD says:

    I hate you, lol.

    But I do believe that any one-on-one visits made after the 11o’clock hour are strictly for the purposes of banging.

  2. dejean says:

    HAHAHAHAAA…. I love it… Now I have done this on 1 or 2 occasions eons ago… But I didnt get all superfly…. Strictly sweatpants and a beater…

  3. t.polite says:

    Yeah, after a certain hour, there is only one purpose for a visit. I will say I prob did make some late night visits without the intent of frolicking a couple times in school, but the clock doesn’t operate in college the same as it does in REAL adulthood. Plus, I have to get up and go to work in the AM. Why would I come to see you at 11p, to only get up and leave in an hour or so. Plus we’re in a recession, that’s a waste of gas. People don’t operate in reason these days. Everything must be carefully calculated and planned…lol…

  4. Almena says:

    Your awnesr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

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