Question of the Day: Do You Believe In The One?


We hear it all the time, “Ohhhhh I knew she was the one for me. From the moment I laid eyes on her.” Only to find out that another mandingo warrior was laying a 3rd arm in her. Things tend to change! Or how about after the “newness” wears off do you still feel that he or she is the one? Is there a such thing? Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (c) Arsenio Hall…

So Boys & Girls the question of the week DO YOU BELIEVE IN FINDING THE ONE?

You know the routine leave your thoughts & comments below. 

Sidebar: Stay tuned for M. Keez post later on this week about this subject matter as well.

My take its hard to say. I use to believe in finding that one until I figured out that the one I thought was for me wasnt . So then #2 came along and I thought  fashiggdyyyyy (c) Tom Joyner show, this is it. Then after  while I had to rethink “it” because “it” wasnt really working and the next thing you know Im in the back room planning a exit strategy.  So in essence I believe the biggest lesson I learned was to not look for that one or assume that she is that one, because eventually you will know shes that one. Well for atleast a year or two….lol



16 Responses to Question of the Day: Do You Believe In The One?

  1. t.polite says:

    Yes and no. No one person is going to be what you want her/him to be. The only way this love/realtionship thing works is for a) best judge of character possible b)certain levels of selflessness/compromise and c) shared vision. These things coupled with the obvious phyical attractions make it work.

    Now, I say yes because people pass up a good thing over their poor judge of character or because they think something else is out there or whatever other issues they have, when in reality, the person they choose not to be with because of whatever crazy reasons, was probably the one. lol. Did that make sense?

    I think I could be the one for a few people but they aren’t the one for me…:)

  2. ms. cali says:

    i think the one varies on where you are in your life. the one for you at 21 may not be the one for you at 25. i think the realization of someone isn’t “the one” comes from lack of judgement, as t said. in a sexually driven world, sometimes people are initially consumed with the physical and they overlook all of the red alerts saying “stay at your own risk”. to continue on, sometime i think people stop growing together, similar to some marriages. they stop communicating and the next thing you know you’re singing “there’s a stranger in your house” c) tamia. finally i think some people are looking for microwave relationships and have unrealistic expectations. by microwave, people now and days like things to be quick and easy. any sign of trouble, “she/ he ain’t the one” and you’re on the next thing smoking. people expect people to be perfect and no one can be. that brings me back to t’s point, you have to look at a, b and c, and accept the person as they are.

    i think in the end we choose who we love, although some people make it easy to let your guard down than others. we have to make sure we choose wisely.

  3. m.keez says:

    Damn u cali…u stole my thunder for my post, damn u! lol

  4. TFD says:

    I personally believe that there is “The One”. I know that my God has created someone to complement me so that we can create a more perfect union in His name…now whether or not I have found him yet or kept him or dismissed him is something totally different. You don’t realize the person is “The One” when you first meet them. That’s that love at first sight bs and in that logic the kid you see and go “OMG is he the One?!’is generally The One…You Want To Spend A Good Portion Of Tonight With.. not “The One I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With”. It takes time, tests and trials to realize if they are the one for the lifetime. Otherwise they’re there for a reason or a season…and hopefully you are wise enough to see the difference.

  5. Dre says:

    Red, who is your God?….lol..nah j/k, I believe in “the one” as well, from my stand point I just believe in nature taking its course…pretty much what everybody said…you’ll know when you know…

  6. Dre says:

    so question is he or she really that one if you pass them up?….lmao

  7. t.polite says:

    yeah they are. That’s what I was saying. The one is sometimes right there but if you choose not acknowledge them as such doesn’t take away from who they are. That’s your ignorance.

    I think this is where spirituality comes into play a little. I feel like that is why it is soooo important to know your purpose and strive to complete said purpose because it’s not just you who is involved. There are things that you must complete because there are people who need you to make the right move so that they can complete their purpose.

    This is real stuff 🙂

  8. dejean says:

    yes I believe that there is 1 person out there for everybody…. and I totally agree with Ms. Cali.

  9. SJD says:

    To hell with it, I’ll be the Grinch in the group. No, I don’t believe in “the One”, lol.

    I agree with ms. cali, to an extent, the person that fits best with you depends on the stage in you life and what your particular needs are. But I don’t see why that has to be limited to just one person. There are 6 billion people in the world! Half of them are the opposite sex. You mean to tell me there there are 3 billion minus 1 women out there that I’m just supposed to be friends with? Whateva nigga (c) Riley Freeman. People are so complex that there are a variety of way that you can connect with someone. I have 2 best friends, one thinks exactly like me, but the other one understands me completely. The two of them don’t really get along and interact with me in completely different ways, but if I could find either connection with someone I had a physical connection with, it’d be a done deal.

    So no, there is no One, just a small group of people with high success probability. I mean, what if your One is in Pakistan riding a donkey right now? Then what?

  10. TFD says:

    Then you better get that Arab money and grab your diamond in the rough… LOL. Lalalalaibdalabilalaaah.

  11. TFD says:

    And yes, “Dre” they can be the one though you passed them up. You hear the people talking about it all the time, “She was the one, but I was too blind to see it. I left her for a young bopper around the way.” To your point Sherohn, I think that if circumstances allow you may meet different “Ones” who meet different needs. For instance, you have different best friends for different things, etc. In the terms of life-partner, if your “One” departs this earth (or something) then you might find another “One” but to think that you can meet 8 different chicks and wife them all up polygamist-style, I’d say – uh no. I don’t think God would put your person in Pakistan if you’d never be able to get there or them here. I mean, it’s all relative really. If you’ve never encountered them or even come close to them or been put in a position to get to know them…how could they be your One or even have potential to be so? You don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never had even a small taste. Did that make sense at all bc this multi-task corporate situation has me confused. Oh annnnnnnd the day you befriend 3 billion women, holla’ at me. I’ll be the Grinch and deny your friendship…on facebook…which means it’s really legit. BOO-YA! LOL.

  12. SJD says:

    Blogger’s Note: People, you gotta start using aliases when referring to others (I’m looking at you, oh fabulous one, lol)! Certain people’s names are unique enough that reckless comments will come back to them. It’s all reckless fun until someone losses a job…

    Scenario: Job interview with the State Department

    Interviewer: “You have excellent qualifications, but we have one last question. On Oct. 2nd at 9:02pm, did you write “nothing scarier than a crazy white bitch (c) Hilary Clinton”?”
    Candidate’s Response: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s a very common name, particularly that spelling.”
    Interviewer: (awkward silence)
    Candidate’s Response: “Well, thank you for your time.”

  13. Dre says:

    I was thinking the same thing….cant be giving up the ghost….thats why I go by what i go by…so if someone comes by, they dont who or why….lol

  14. T. Nicole says:

    I use to believe in love, but now it’s more like time and circumstance, because that’s what it really boils down to.

  15. SJD says:

    I was at Oodles of Noodles today and the Asian chick that serves the stir fry winked at me. I think I found the one.

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