Question of The Day: Whats More Intimate-Kissing or Having Sex?


 Awwwww yeaaaa boyyyyyyy we back like morning breathe. Its a new year & guess what? We have a new segment for yall funky asses. Like to hear it? Well hear it go….lol…

So each day or week we will be doin these type of posts where we all can a have healthy yet reckless dialogue amongst one another. Basically  we want to know what you think…..You all know the routine, comment section listed below so be sure to VOICE UR OPINION & SHOW LIGHTTTTTTTT 

Now to business…Riddle me this batman!

What do you consider to be more intimate, kissing or having sex? 

My personal  thoughts..kissing is way more intimate hands down! Why? To be honest I have no clue but its something about it that just feels a bit more pure. Its a certain connection with kissing not to say there isnt with sex. Especially if your bare backing. To keep it all the way funky I rarely ever kiss women. Its just something I dont do. Is it because its more personal? Maybe but nah not really! My main reason is because you just never know if there is some other penis residue that may be floating around in her salvia…lol…For ladies you never know where his mouth has been (sidebar: smell his upper lip that will tell you). But to some degree that thought does cross my mind. Strange? Maybe…I dunno..But thats always been my

So what is everyones take?


9 Responses to Question of The Day: Whats More Intimate-Kissing or Having Sex?

  1. PrttyDeeP says:

    I must be traditional in saying if I can’t kiss why would I have sex. People usual have their first kis before there first fuck. Nowadays sex has been so casual and lax kissing is being considered more intimate than sex (because everyone seems to be fucking everybody). As for me if I don’t feel comfortable kissing, please believe i won’t be fucking!

  2. t.polite says:

    Exactly! Swapping fluids is swapping fluids, People wouldn’t feel some kind of way about kissing if they were more selective in who they have sex with. So you don’t mind doing tongue curls/writing your ABCs with your tongue or displaying your best Superhead skills (with both, you are bound to receive some love pudding whether you swallow or not) but you won’t kiss…Tell me what’s right about that??

  3. SEA JAX says:

    Kissing is much more intimate. Sex is just sex, can be done with anyone and satisifies the need to get one in. When you kiss someone the need is to be close and wanted with the same intensity. There’s a lot more sharing involved which is why when there’s casual sex there is rarely ever kissing involved.

  4. KJ says:

    I can see both points of view. I personally would never have sex with someone I’m not willing to kiss, because that probably means that they are just too nasty for me to be getting down with! However, people generally kiss just for the feeling of intimacy, there is no real excitement behind it unless there is emotion and passion put into it (unlike sex). If your just trying to get that jumpoff, you dont have time or concern with emotions…

  5. m.keez says:

    Imma have to say oral sex is as intimate as you can get. Its nothin more intimate than a female who actually swallows the baby batter, it just makes you feel accepted…curses to those women who rush to the bathroom afterwards to spit out my watermelon seeds. I don’t think kissing is all that intimate…kissing is like the appetizer, yeah, its cool, but i’m tryna wash that kissin down with a side of that sticky icky oooooo weeeeeee. Nowadays, kissing is like the gateway to the draws, the first time I kissed the last few chics I messed with, I immediately hit following the lip lockin…but yeah, head is the most intimate thing you can do, what says I care like a mouthful of hair? lol

  6. SJD says:

    I think that NOT looking at sex as something intimate is what produces so many dysfunctional ass homes and baby’s momma/daddy drama. How much closer can you get to someone than potentially merging your genes with theirs and making something that’ll live for 80 or so years? We fuck people we don’t care about, have kids we don’t want, pay money we don’t have and for what?! Fuck That! At least if we wondered whether or not the other person was worthy of fucking with (because some of yall mutha fucka’s are inglorious and shabby as fuck and completely unworthy of my dick/baby batter) we’d perform the jac test and walk away, thus creating less worthless ass niggas…

  7. SJD says:

    Disclaimer: the previous note was composed after the heartbreaking 21-24 Buckeye loss to Texas. A nigga was angry.

  8. TFD says:

    SJD…*high fives*. That is the exact problem with today’s society…we want to be cautious about who we hold hands with and who we kiss because of “germs” and “fluids” but are willing to bump uglies with just any old body? Get outta’ here! If I can’t even imagine sharing a sweet kiss with you, please believe you will never see the light of my chosen land. NEVER. EVER. Sex isn’t just sex, because those twelve minutes of ‘just sex’ can lead to 18 years of ball & chain. Don’t condom and pill-talk me either, abstinence is the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy c) 7th grade health class. The fact that the people are saying that kissing is not intimate and/or passionate, proves you’ve been lip locking with the wrong individual. My sweetielove gives me kisses that have me so weak in the knees c) SWV. (But don’t go around just kissing folks for trial & error…that’s not what’s up, lol.) Last thing…for real Spec Keez? What says I care like a mouthful of hair? Go get at Hallmark and see what they think. LOL.

  9. Neicy says:

    Kissing is more intimate. It’s the first thing you do as Husband and Wife. It’s taking the time out to offer affection at any time during the day. Sex is…biological. Your body craves sex. If the kiss is only to get to the sex, then maybe that’s different. But if you’re just kissing someone to kiss them….that’s more intimate. Kissing is way more dangerous than fucking. Sexing stirs your loins, kissing stirs your heart. I never fell in love with dick, regardless of what dudes might think lol. Don’t get me wrong sex is definitely something that I think should mostly be shared with someone you’re kissing intimately. However, sex can be just a basic animal instinct, whereas kissing is a human emotion in the physical form.

    And trust and believe that maybe as a dude, you might not think anything of it, but as a female, you do. Don’t believe me? Why did Julia Roberts have that rule in Pretty Woman? Exactly.

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