True Negro Theories: Nice Guys Always Finish Last


In this world Im truely convinced you cant be nice to chicks. They say they want this nice guy but in reality no they dont. Now when I say a nice guy I mean a nigga who treats you right, does the right thing, and is doing the right thing in life. Not the nigga that you can run over. Theres a difference between someone without spine, and someone who will put you on your

I blame my momma for making me this way. She would constantly instill all these gentleman qualities into me. Young man, always treat women with respect. Be a listener, Be honest, Show her that you care, do right by her, never let her feel less than a queen, always pull out, give her the heads up when your about to bust in her mouth. Ok maybe not the last two but you get the point…lol….So now look at what I have become a gentleman who actually gives a fuck and where does this get me? No where!

I hear vaginas say it all the time “I want a nice guy who will treat me right.” But when you get that GUY you pass. So whats the theory behind it all…..women say it but they dont mean it….they enjoy getting did dirty here & there….they dont mind getting choked out…a man about his shyt, nahhhh pass on that, they want a man who aint doing shit….Good credit? Nahhh lets get the nigga who needs to use their credit…lol..Maybe its because women are attracted to shiny things! Material things to be exact. I remember one time I dipped my dangalang in baby oil and this chick lost her mind. Hell she tooted that thang up (c) Huey and told me to pull up to her bumper (c) patra…..sidebar: That had absolutely nothing to do with this topic at all but damn that was a good night…lol…Its no wonder why you see brothas riding down the street in his civic with a pinktoe sitting by his side. Lord knows sistas would rather walk than to be caught riding in a hoopty…lol….But I digress….

For me this where keeping it real goes wrong. For the most part of life many of the girls I’ve actually been involved with ended up botching the relationship. Of course I did some non honorable things to help Im sure…lol…..Lately though I’ve been doing alot of thinking…which is never good….It was a period in my life not to long ago (a year to be exact) where I could careless about a chick. They call me, I send them to voicemail. They come over, I kick em out. They wanna cuddle, I slang pipe and find away to get them out the crib before they face could hit the pillow…. FYI Im the king of 42 fakes…lol….They ask me to go out, I make them pay for us or themselves, they wanna be loved I give em hate…lol….And all was well in my life. Everyday (atleast on myside) was drama free and these girls absolutely loved me! It was like the more ignorant shyt I did the higher I went up on the pedestal. I found it absolutely amazing!  

But because of my dear mother I cant help but be a nice guy. Now If I would have followed my pops I would really be on some other shyt because when I say he doesnt care, this dude has no emotion. I believe one time I went to the freezer to get some cookies and cream ice cream and saw his heart right next to the ice cubes. So in closing in 09 Im a give ladies exactly what they want…..which is nothing….lol


13 Responses to True Negro Theories: Nice Guys Always Finish Last

  1. t.polite says:

    Yo! Pull yourself together!!!!

  2. Dre says:

    Huh? Negro Im fine…..I’ve always thoughts this I can count atleast 4 situations where this shyt has back fired….now its off to the races nigga….lol

  3. t.polite says:

    Naw, I said that as motivation to not turn back into that other person!!! DON’T DO IT, RECONSIDER!!

  4. Dre says:

    Nah this how you gotta do it, its the only way…IM JUMPIN OUT THE WINDOW WITH THIS ONE…lol

  5. arw says:

    the definition of a nice guy is a little blurry these days. said “nice guys” aren’t always what they seem to be…

  6. SJD says:

    (chants) JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! (whispers to friend next to him “this nigga ain’t serious”) JUMP!

  7. Dre says:

    ARW, what part do you think is blurry? Now Im just merely speaking how a guy treats a women and how he is handling business in life….of course any women or man can be off their rocker @ some point…lol

  8. arw says:

    lol… off their rocker at SOME POINT, ok… i guess i can accept that. but some of you who claim to be ‘nice guys’ be doing some crazy ish on the low… and then wanna cry females ain’t ish, they want bad boys. i’m just sayin’… if you were TRULY a ‘nice guy’ would it be this easy to jump out the window?

  9. Dre says:

    time out..when I say Im jumpin out the window on this all that means is Im sticking to the subject line that its reality…u cant tell me nothing (c) Kanye…its true nice dudes finish in the back…lol…I dont mean go crazy, stalker, of ya rocker way….ARW are you speakin on personal experience here?…lol….in response to that ARW, I mean guy who is really about it…not someone who would pretend to be one thing and really be another….but lets be honest females do some grimyyyyyyy stuff no?

  10. t.polite says:

    Ok, my turn…

    dudes do more grimey stuff…It just seems like women are more grimey bc what they may do is more unexpected and it therefore creates more of a shock factor.

    You say it’s the females and I say you can’t blame it all on us. Most of the time, a man has done something to a woman for her to act crazy. Now, is it your fault that she isn’t healed? No. But generally, something was done to her to make her act the way she does.

    “I’m not to blame for the pain that was caused by previous cats” (c) Musiq

    That goes both ways. You can’t start being an ass bc of what someone else did to you because then you continue the cycle.

    ok. I’m done.

  11. arw says:

    lol… wowza! yes… men and women alike do some effed up ish these days. and i’m continually shocked & amazed… but then again i’m not, lol. PEOPLE AIN’T SHIT AND DON’T EVEN CAREEEEEEEEE THAT THEY AIN’T SHIT!! (c) arw, lol – and that’s the part that gets me… how can you sleep at nite… anyway… i digress…

    all i was saying was… if your true character is so “nice” how do you flip the script and say you jumpin out the window because you misjudged someone’s character and had a bad experience? if that’s TRULY YOU… it wouldn’t change. i’m an eternal optimist… clearly!

    and no… it’s not my experiences alone. just tired of hearing about it. and i agree with t.polite on the shock factor and the Musiq quote SO TRUE SO TRUE!!! — ni99as could cheat for 6 months and then decide to “get serious” but if their girl…………. the fuck?! ok i’m done.

    be good… all the time. karma is real.

  12. Dre says:

    Im not saying Im goin to change who Iam…thats impossible but the true me wont be revealed until I see the batman signal in the sky….I think its better to be guarded than open and ran over…..

  13. Olzhas says:

    If he alive there
    I thought he is dead

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