True Negro Theories: Ugly People Cant Make Rules, They Just Have To Follow Them


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but what if all the beholders say the same thing….There is no beauty..

Follow me….Okayyyy (c) Lil Jon…….Let keep this short and simple! Ugly people,  you have no power in relationships. Doesnt matter if your just kicking it, official with/without a title,  or just a fuck buddy either way, either wayyyy you have no say… You should just be happy your on the team and that you may possibly get in the game. Its like the 12th man on the bench trying to coach the team, a fat person trying to tell you how to diet , or better yet a virgin giving advice on how to fuck.  Its always interesting meeting a stank, stuck up girl especially when if she resembles Patrick Ewing. Who would think those things could even come in the same package you know. Its like apples with cum or steak and milk it just doesnt quiet add up. Which brings me to the topic at hand, Ugly people trying to make rules in a relationship. Thats a no, no, sorry Boo Boo. That shyt is just impossible (c) Jamie Foxx….lol…

Now this entire thought stems from this fuckery I witnessed with my homie. Now I do admit this dude would beat a dead horse if it had a wig on it so his taste isnt quite the best….lol….Now he is currently involved  with this sam cassell slash craig mack looking girl. Maybe she got to comfortable (c) Wayne  or something I dont know. But she was big shyt poppin (c) Tip shooting demands about what is appropriate and what is not. Dont get me wrong everyone deserves to be treated with respect but if your a 2000 ford focus on the same lot as 2010 bmw you gotta know your place. Random thought, random post but honest and fair…lol


One Response to True Negro Theories: Ugly People Cant Make Rules, They Just Have To Follow Them

  1. t.polite says:

    I hate you for reasons you are aware of

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