Since We’re On The Topic Of First Times…

December 31, 2008

I had to swagger jack Dre, cuz I thought his post was super dope…too bad I lost mine like 14 years after this nigga, and no sandwich bags were involved, lol…


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December 31, 2008


This one goes out to you & you & you & you…….

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Video: Charles Hamilton-Brooklyn Girls

December 30, 2008

yeah I know Im late….but this is my shyt…..

fyi BK girls are really niggas…

Homeless Beat Boxer Rips It In The Parking Lot

December 30, 2008

OG status….I would buy this on itunes….

Memory Lane: My First Time (c) IMX

December 29, 2008

You know usually I dont do this, but fuck it…keep the party going…..


Follow me ladies & gentleman as I reminisce about my first nut….

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I Ain’t The Only One…

December 29, 2008

Niggas, said my last post was super lewd…everybody does it, i’m just followin the trend, lol

Hurt Me Soul (c) Lupe

December 28, 2008



Its not possible for white castle, popeyes chicken & panda express to do this to just one nigga…. its obvious this guy has a thyroid problem….I refuse to believe anything else…lol
question: is that smoke from the grill in the pic?