Ya’ll Better Drink Alot of Water, Cuz These Crackers Are Salty (c) Dre

Yo…so I can’t really explain how I felt last night, but i’ll admit, it was on some other shit.


I found myself screaming at the TV as Barack knocked each state out…it was almost like I was watching a football game, I was just so hype to see history occurring before my eyes…I guess if I had one word to describe it, i’d say sublime. And to celebrate…a nigga did what nigga’s do…went to my neighborhood KFC, and ordered a bucket of fried chicken with a couple of biscuits and mac n’ cheese…didn’t need a drink, cuz I already had the red Kool-Aid on deck at the house…needless to say, I got my grub on, all in the name of Obama.

All the while, i’m thinkin…what is Obama thinkin, and more importantly, what is McCain thinkin. What is McCain thinkin because…how does it feel to be the first white man in history to lose to a…nigga? Must be humbling man, seriously…really has to be. Hell, I get pissed if I lose out on an average lookin broad at the club to the nigga with golds and dreds, so can you imagine what McCain must feel like? I think Obama felt shocked, not in a shocked like, I just hit the lottery kinda way, but the kinda shocked like, I really ain’t think my old job was gonna send me that check after I just walked out on they ass kinda way. Nevertheless…my nigga won, and being the resident of the hood that I am…shots were fired, so I literally watched CNN layin down the whole night, cuz I at least wanted to live through the historical shit.

Watched McCain’s ass give the speech, and I can’t front yo…he was super gracious, it kinda made me feel bad for despising him so much (I think niggas took this election way to personal, its ok for Obama to get criticized, but we do cherish our great ones in a way that no other race does), but then I saw how angry Sarah Palin was, and it brought a smile to my face, lol…I told ya’ll, I love to see niggas fail, i’ll blog about that on a later date, but I really do…nothing better than to see a nigga skydive, only to realize he has the wrong backpack on, lol. By the way…not sure if I was the only nigga who happened to watch BET’s coverage, but WTF? Like seriously yo, what the hell was that map they created with the Obama heads on each state…and these niggas always had Obama projected to have 1 more electoral vote than any other network…I guess they one upped my nigga just cuz he was black.

Anyways…so I saw Obama come out, and watched Jesse’s bitch ass cryin…best believe if its any nigga who two months ago I said “I wanna cut his nuts off”…i’m not gonna be rejoicing in happiness for this nigga, but I digress. Oprah’s sexy ass was in the building….money make me cum, so don’t hate niggas, lol. But watching the Obama’s walk out on that stage was really, really a beautiful thing. His daughters are beautiful, his wife embodies everything a strong black woman should be, and its just beautiful to see a real life black family thats even more outstanding than the Cosby’s…hell, it amost made me want to start dating sistas again, so that I could have a family…but I think imma stick to these white girls, so we can make us some lil Barack’s, lol. Just playin sistas…black love is beautiful yo.

I can’t even front tho…I cried, and not for the same reasons that alot of ya’ll did. I cried because November 4th marked the day that light skin came back. Damn right niggas…we got Barack, Chris Brown, and the Simpsons, so we back. The thing is, its been tough, cuz we haven’t been in during my lifetime, so i’m expecting some exponential ass come this weekend…damn I hope I don’t have to go back to jackin, lol.

But I mean, I woke up today, and it just felt different…no, not because every nigga was playin ‘My President is Black’ (c) Young Jeezy, but it just did. For my Greek people out there, it kinda felt like the day after you crossed…the journey was hard, you overcame alot of unexpected obstacles, but you made it. And you can definitely apply that to the triumph that is Barack’s election into the White House. For years, we as a people scoffed at the idea that we would have access to the White House, and not in a butler kinda way, but as the true leader of the White House…and we just did it. I mean, no homo, but a nigga dropped multiple tears last night, just because the significance of this moment hit me. But today just seemed like a new, different day…hell, I even forgot my bus pass this morning, and the bus driver let a nigga ride for free…we shoulda been elected a black president if life was gonna be like this, lol. Of course a nigga had that grilled cheese smile glazed on his face at work…and I came fully stocked with a 24 pack of Aquafina (even carried it on the bus)…cuz them crackers was salty! And if you’re a white person reading this…let us shine today, its the country’s day, but we’re all so proud of a nigga with the initials BO, lol. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and feelings about yesterday’s event in the comment section. Oh yeah…and fuck Soulja Boy…dumb ass nigga thanked the slaveowner’s for bringing us over here, so that we can rap and wear diamonds. I will never do your dance again nigga…take that, take that, lol.


2 Responses to Ya’ll Better Drink Alot of Water, Cuz These Crackers Are Salty (c) Dre

  1. Big Dawg says:

    “Oprah’s sexy ass was in the building….money make me cum, so don’t hate niggas, lol.”

    Trilla!!!! Boss!!!!! lol

  2. Nayda Boss says:

    You sound like you from East Baltimore! Interesting story

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