So What If Obama Loses?

Normally, i’m the type to look at the glass half-full, and as much as I think Obama is really gonna pull this one out…the nigga in me has serious doubts. And thats just being real…

Ever since my childhood, I had alot of hopes for alot of shit…that my daddy would stop messin with them tweeds, and come back to be a father to a nigga, and that failed…that V. (I won’t give her government) Smith, the chic I had a crush on from the 7th grade til the 11th grade would finally come to her senses, and take what was rightfully hers…my virginity, and that failed…that i’d be at a top college on a football scholarship…but I never grew and that failed. So throughout the years, a nigga has learned how to tame his hopes and dreams until they become reality. Given that, and the fact that ‘these crackers don’t play fair’ (c) Dre…it only leads me to one conclusion, that being, until I see Obama with his hand on the Bible gettin sworn in…I won’t believe he won. Now, you niggas can say what you want, but this is my blog, so respect my mind or get ya’ll brains knocked out (c) Weezy F. Baby, lol.  

Ok…so what if next Tuesday, November 4th, we find that our hero Obama, hasn’t won? Well, given the fact that alot of niggas are gonna be at election parties (myself included), the plan is to get super throwed. The thought behind that is this…if he wins, i’ll be drunk on happiness, and if he loses, the loss won’t hurt so bad if i’m drunk. Part B of the plan is to convince a young lady to come back to the crib and watch CNN…one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know…its sunrise, I kicked ole girl out the crib, and I got a flag in my left hand…one can only hope, lol.   So now, I wake up November 5th…to a whole new world, controlled by John McCombover, and i’m pissed. I go outside, and it’s like the A-Bomb hit…niggas are runnin all over the place rioting, and white people have barricaded their homes…if the crackers don’t wanna play fair, we’ll show that ass, lol.

Now i’m not callin for rioting by any means…but a nigga will participate. Its this leather jacket that i’ve been lookin at for the longest, so either way, imma get mine, lol. Niggas will riot if Obama wins or loses, so ya’ll need to be close to ya’ll favorite stores, in order to take advantage of the situation. Stuff like this only happens so often…niggas! I was still in the eighth grade when the OJ trial went down,and Akron ain’t really the place to be when it comes to rioting, because we got like two hip hop stores, and they right down the street from one another…plus they close to the donut spot…so its not really a good idea to try to put in that work. The Rodney King incident, I was young, and that was limited to the LA area…Watts, I was still an afterthought in my daddy’s nutsack at that point, so that doesn’t count either. But if Obama loses…thats a nationwide dilemma, so be prepared! Get ya duffle bags, ski masks, wave caps, all black timbs, and black locs ready, because you can clean up. White people…I don’t know what to say to ya’ll…but don’t go to work on November 5th if you work at the following establishments, which tend to employ or serve alot of negroes…Church’s, Popeye’s, KFC, McDonald’s, Walmart, Your Local Hip-Hop Store, Any Corner Store or Walgreen’s. White people, STAY AWAY from these establishments.  

November 5th…mkeez will be gettin his corporate thug-on, trust and believe…already requested the day off, so this ain’t a game for me. Like I said before…i’m a hopeless optimist, so i’m that dude who will buy a lottery ticket, and really believe that i’ll win that $150,000 jackpot, and will actually envision how i’m gonna spend that money…til reality sets in, and once again I fail. Same thing here…i’m already thinkin of all the additions I can make to my wardrobe…i’m mappin out my favorite stores in my mind, and i’m making sure that I know which racks got the extra smedium gear…so I can know where not to go. We don’t do skinny jeans aka speedo jeans over here…not cuz my knot too thick (c) Jigga, but because since when has wearing tight ass clothes (as a dude) been the business?  

 I honestly can’t imagine what the aftermath of an Obama victory or loss will mean so all I can do is speculate. A victory would mean so much for black people, as it would speak to the obstacles we can overcome as a people through hardwork and determination…a loss will reaffirm what niggas been thinkin since the beginning of time…white people be on that bullshit, lol.  

Oh…and for all ya’ll niggas complainin about us not postin enough blogs…kiss my ass, lol…just playin, I got love for ya’ll niggas, but keep in mind, niggas are busy…between early voting and fillin out the questionnarie on e-harmony, a nigga ain’t got alot of time, lol. Don’t laugh, but the dating scene here is gettin dismal, so a nigga gotta do what a nigga gotta do (the dating scene ain’t like it was in college, when all you had to do was throw a house party, spin around in a circle, and pick which girl you wanted to take up to the room, only to laugh at her as she took that walk of shame) Think about it…either release on/in a random chic…or suffer from cancer from havin 5 years of sperm stuck in my genitalia…imma go with the former, lol.  

I leave ya’ll with this…Eric Benet is a sex addict cuz he got options, Dikembe Mutombo ain’t no sex addict (c) Corey Holcomb. I got a question for the comedians…who hotter than Holcomb?


2 Responses to So What If Obama Loses?

  1. SJD says:

    I definitely agree with you that if Obama loses, especially considering all of the shady things that have been coming to light before the election (like voting machines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania changing votes from Democrats to Republicans and voters getting purged from voter rolls), there will be massive riots. The thing is, I don’t think it’ll just be nigga’s involved (though we will walk away with the majority of high def tv’s). Think about how many people you know from all walks of life that have voted for, volunteered for, worked for and donated to this campaign. People have invested heavily in to seeing this man become our next President. And while I might not start the riot, I’m damn sure flipping over the cars with McCain/Palin stickers and setting couches on fire in front of homes with their yard sign(c) The Ohio State University vs Michigan.

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