E-Courage (c) Phonte

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…What up world? Sorry it’s been a minute, so I haven’t been able to post a blog, but a nigga been sick…not in a ‘I just got burnt, so i’m tryna stay on the low kinda sick’, but that ‘A nigga need some Benadryl kinda sick’. All of our hoodrat blogees, unite and send a nigga some penicillin I mean Ny-Quil. Today i’m going in a lil bit on the new trend affecting us all…e-courage




I’ll start out by saying that 98% of the things I say on the blog are true, the other 2% is e-courage © Phonte. The 2% being all that stuff about jackin…I really don’t do all that, that’s just for shits and giggles, lol. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, e-courage is when you say shit via a technological advice that you probably wouldn’t say to the other person’s face. Te used the example that most niggas are familiar with. So you meet a babe out and about, get the number, and so you hit her with the obligatory text to say ‘What up bitch, I mean baby, this bet not be another fake ass number, I can’t stand when ya’ll broads do that’. Ya’ll get to kickin it. You take her to your favorite Waffle House (the one that’s off the highway in the suburbs) and ya’ll kinda feelin each other, but you’re still waitin for somethin physical to pop off (you tried to grab a titty on the low, and she start shadow boxing with a nigga, lol). Three days pass by, and you just know her ass is feelin you, I mean, she picked up the tab at Waffle House, how many females are doing that nowadays? You went out with the homies, had ole girl on your mind all night, got a lil loose off that GG (Grey Goose) and on the car ride home, you’re overtaken by ‘e-courage’. The ‘e-courage’ hit you like a ton of bricks when you thought about the prospects of goin home to another night of jackin, or, you could hit ole girl to see if she is feelin the same. So in your drunken recklessness, you hit ole girl like ‘Yeah baby, I been wantin to wax that ass since I first laid eyes on you..why don’t you come through? I got the Jodeci playin, and the candles lit, so what it do?’ Now..ole girl ain’t text you back in the last half hour, and you’re startin to get that ‘I fuckkkkkkkkked up’ feelin in the back of your mind, because you’re feelin ole girl, but you lit a lil GG and ‘e-courage’ get in the way of what you’re feelin © Jill Scott. Never did a nigga think, ‘Well, it is 4 in the AM, so she might be sleep’…nope, didn’t cross your mind. So you immediately hit her with that text back like ‘Lol, I was just playin boo…have a goodnight, see you at church in the morning’. Now, depending on the type of female this is, the original text could be taken in two ways. Either she’s a holy roller (you didn’t find that out about her quite yet) and she wakes up to Kirk Franklin playin on the alarm clock, reads your text in disgust and immediately deletes your number…or, she was down with it from the jump. The latter female will hit you up the next day, like ‘Damn nigga, why you text me at 4 in the morning, I was feenin for some D at like 1, you shoulda hit me up earlier’. So fellas and ladies exercising e-courage…make sure ya’ll know the real before you send that reckless ass text message, e-mail or instant message.


E-Courage ain’t just limited to late night bootycalls…oh no. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen niggas on the internet talking reckless through a chatroom/message board/facebook wall/myspace wall or through a video. There is no safer place in the world to be than in front of a computer screen and in the confines of your own home, and with that safety, you can be as reckless as you want to be. Only on the internet can you threaten to beat a nigga’s ass in Alaska, who you’ve never seen or talked to in your life, criticize celebrities, and compliment a chic in South America on how big her ass is…all examples of e-courage. I honestly can’t knock e-courage, because most of us exercise it on the daily…if you’re a nigga, and you’re askin a chic you’re interested in if she got a STD in her honesty box…you’re exercising e-courage. If you’re a female who threatens to whoop yo baby daddy’s new boo through a text or e-mail..you’re exercising e-courage. Or if you are just a hater, and you hop on random blogs just to hate for no particular reason…you’re exercising e-courage. Everybody is guilty of e-courage in some way, shape or form. I’ll just keep mine limited to random, reckless text messages and e-mails to females who i’m tryin to get somethin out of, i.e. 7 minutes of passion, a cash advance, her EBT card or her car for the weekend.


But, like what Phonte also said…technology has increased the bitchassness in niggas/females. No longer do we call up people and say how we really feel in-person or over the phone, instead, we rely on communicating through text, e-mail, etc. in order to communicate the way we feel about one another. Ladies, when was the last time a nigga called you up over the phone and just said ‘Baby, Imma wear that ass out tonight’? Probably not recently, lol…but I guarantee you that the nigga hit you with a reckless text  tryna get some…I guess its just the nature of the world today. With technological advancement, also comes the likelihood that you will get blackmailed. Ladies, how many times have you said to your significant other ‘Baby, go head and film this love scene’, only to be found on freaksonmyspace.com two months after the nigga dumped you? I guess i’m saying all of this to say that while I like to text like the next person, try to limit the recklessness, cuz niggas will blackmail you, lol. Ladies, don’t think that when you’re the jumpoff and you sent your jumpon that crazy text about how you plan on lickin him like a lollipop all night that he won’t share that with his friends. Long story short, be careful niggas…or at least get your significant other’s passwords to their e-mail/facebook/myspace/cell phone so that when you send them somethin reckless you can erase that shit.

Little Brother Stand Up from Real Frequency on Vimeo.


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