NFL Top 5

Well I got two last weekend, but I also dropped 3 (2-3; 10-21).  Here are my picks for this weekend:

1. Giants at Pittsburgh

As a Browns fan believe me I know, the Steelers are tough to beat, especially at home, at night, late in the fall.  Anyone know if it’s snowing up there yet? (Ha)

My Pick- Steelers 21-17

2. Indianapolis at Tennesee

The Titans are the surprise of the AFC this year and look to continue their winning ways at home while the Colts are still looking to find their rythm.

My Pick- Colts 17-10

3.  Arizona at Carolina

The Panthers are still undefeated at home.

My Pick Panthers 24-14

4. Atlanta at Philly

The Falcons are exceeding expectations this year, don’t think they’ll take this one though.

My Pick- Philly 14-10

5. Cleveland at Jacksonville

The Jags win this one…big!!!

My Pick- Jags 28-7


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