Big Girls- Mike Epps

I’ve been falsely accused by Dre a time or two for messin with the big girls…Ain’t nothin wrong with messin with big girls, especially when times are hard…skinny chics can’t cook, plus they be tryna make you wait, since niggas be on them all the time…not big girls, lol


4 Responses to Big Girls- Mike Epps

  1. t.polite says:

    What constitutes a girl as BIG? Where are the lines of thick, fluffy and fat(Big)?

    And don’t let Dre get at you, he is a fan of the fluffy girls, he said so himself…lol…

  2. m.keez says:

    Ummm, a big girl i’d say is any woman who look like a lil fire hydrant when she walkin down the street…you know, like 5’3″ and 250 pounds. Now, their are alot of sistas who have big girl potential, but I won’t include them, but they are the ladies who will be the future church ushers…with the double d’s hangin on they waist as they pass out church fans, lol

  3. Dre says:

    Fluffy girls are a step above thick and one cheeseburger or bowl of icecream away from being fat. Im a fan of them cause they are still in that thick range but would I “put a ring on it” nope…I know once a little homie comes she will turn into a house….

    And Keys own up to your big girl resume…lol….I caught u red handed and you know who did you know what, with you know who, lets keep that between me and you (c) Jay-z

  4. t.polite says:

    Lol…ya’ll are both stupid!

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