Video: Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign

Ohhh we have come some far in this country. Get the fuck outta here (c) jena 6, Sean Bell, ray ray, malcolm, Ricky (boyz n da hood) , etc…….

Verdict: This exactly why we need to go out and vote (mexicans to). As we all know these crackers dont play fair


4 Responses to Video: Misconceptions of Obama fuel Republican campaign

  1. m.keez says:

    “The blacks will take over”
    “When you got a nigger running for president…he’s a second stringer”
    “The whole Muslim thing”
    “They could be anti-white”
    “He thinks us white people are trash”

    Lies, lies, lies and more lies….what in the hell is wrong with being a Muslim in America? Half the people who consider themselves Christian aren’t really Christian…and its ok for you to be anti-black, but Obama is anti-white. I honestly cannot believe I was born in a state that breeds so much got damn stupidity, shit makes me sick to my stomach man. I’m really fearful of a race war if Obama wins, these red necks ain’t playin…but we got Plies and the rest of the goons and goblins, so we should be good, lol

  2. Big Dawg says:

    Yea man…but then again Ohio is a perfect example of the USA. You got 7-8 urban cities surrounded by suburbs with rural areas over the rest of the state..

    The comments made by these people are exactly why Fox News reports nonsense, because people like them believe it….

  3. ms. cali says:

    *calendar check* yep it’s 2008. these people are crazy. it would be ohio. white people here (not to generalize) love obama because of HIS STANDS ON ISSUES. however, as liberal as cali is racism still happens here too.

    ie… black student called a nigger in a 5th grade class, teacher not suspended.
    or principal setting up her own sting operation to catch black students selling drugs by giving another student money to buy them. then gets upset when the kids tell the other kid, “we don’t do that.” also still has a job in the district.

    *shakes head*

  4. KJ says:

    I’m wondering who in the hell forgot about 9/11????

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