And Tho It Seemed Hesitant We ARE Ready to Have a Black President

So I had my Barack moment…

Not in the sense of being inspired to run for the presidency, but in the sense that it really hit me like a ton of bricks the prospects of a black man being the President of this great, yet flawed country. A lot of people are thinking like damn, nigga, where you been the last two years? I’d reply, I’ve been observing, and it all seemed surreal to me to the point where I doubted Barack instead of basking in the greatness of the moment. I felt that Barack would just be here to push the door open that Jesse was unable to unlock in ’84, but never did I envision him walking through the door and staking claim to the White House, and it’s here, it really is. From a historical perspective, I honestly believe that our generation of African-Americans has witnessed the greatest triumphs of Being Black in America with so much more in store for us in the future. From being enslaved over 150 years ago, to dealing with Jim Crow 40 years ago, to dealing with the new forms of racism we face today, I’m honestly in awe, and I’m the most pessimistic person I know. I’m just overjoyed to see people of all colors rallying around the hopes and dreams of a brotha, it shows that while we still have an uphill battle to climb in order to be viewed as first class citizens in this country, that there is hope for us as a people.

People really kill me with the whole “Black people are only voting for Barack because he’s black” thing…I respond, “So!” For so many years our oppressors have attempted to break us apart through the pillages of slavery, through infesting our neighborhoods with drugs, and by committing themselves to a strategic form of institutionalized slavery, and we’re supposed to be apologetic because we’ve decided to rally around a black man who is on the precipice of history? Yeah, right! No one questions when Jews rally in support of one another, or when Hispanics do the same, so why us?

While this election has shown the beauty of Americans unifying as one, its also shown the ugliness that’s been entrenched in the fibers of our culture, i.e. the racist, bigoted attempts at tarnishing Barack and his campaign. So we create anti-Barack rhetoric based on falsifications that are mere figments of our imagination, which are all fear-based. I believe the fear stems from the aforementioned racism at the roots of the American culture because we’ve been conditioned to be conditioned. That is, we’ve been conditioned to believe that a black man doesn’t have the mental capacity and/or ability to govern the ‘best’ country in the world. Hell, it was a time that the masses believed we didn’t have the intellectual capacity to quarterback an NFL team. But these attacks have all been lies in order to rile up middle-class white America against Barack. So the media distorts their thinking with this Muslim rhetoric, as if being Muslim is some sort of disparaging remark…right. We’ve created a way in this country to tie being of the Islamic faith to being a terrorist, which is absolutely ridiculous. Was Timothy McVeigh not a ‘Christian’? Should we be as fearful of white men as we are of middle-eastern men? Honestly, I am, white men have more power to kill and harm our people in this country than any middle eastern man in American can © Amadou Diallo or any other black man killed at the hands of police officers who got off with mere slaps on the wrist. I watch Fox News on the daily, as corrupting as it seems, it really gives me a great insight on how ‘Conservatives’ (and I use that term loosely) think. And they’ll use the excuse that George W. was burned in effigy with a swastika on his arm, so that somehow justifies the insults that Barack has faced…bullshit, yo. I find George W. more comparable to Hitler (i.e. the death toll in Iraq that happens to be lacing his pockets) than Barack is to Curious George. People walking around with these monkeys to depict Obama, are the same people who say, “I have all kinds of black friends, we hang out together to watch football.” It’s all good to have a few niggas in my house, but not in MY White House. Its just frustrating, because conservatives pride themselves in being Christians, and walking the Christian walk, but I’m not seeing it, yo. How can you spew hatred on the regular towards one man, and consider yourself a Christian? The video below illustrates my point in more detail:

I say all this to say that while we should be extremely proud of Barack, and the depths from which he came, we can’t forget to vote for him (because a lot of people are talking the talk, but not walking the walk, i.e. these Obama t-shirt wearin niggas, yeah niggas, who aren’t even registered to vote, ya’ll should all get lynched © Ny-Oil. But most importantly, we can’t forget that we still live in a racist nation, and that we’ll have to maintain our cool if/when Obama gets elected because we’ll see and hear all kinds of epithets thrown his way, so be prepared. I wrote this so ya’ll wouldn’t think I was some kinda dummy, lol….only most of the time. But please feel free to share your thoughts and commentary, because I’d love to see if you agree with me, or if you feel I’m off base.


4 Responses to And Tho It Seemed Hesitant We ARE Ready to Have a Black President

  1. Big Dawg says:

    I wish they would air some of these things on fox news to show how nuts some of these people are…the dude had a freakin monkey….and was proudly sportin it….wow

  2. SJD says:

    I feel you on recently having an epiphany on the significance of this event and the realization that in less than 18 days, we may very well have the 1st black president. It really hit me on Monday. You made a post earlier joking about your granny and John McCain. My granny grew up in Mississippi and had to leave school in the 3rd grade to work in the fields and pick cotton. Her family moved up to Toledo and she married my grandfather because she didn’t want her father to pick her husband and my grandfather was the one he hated most (that’s some spite fo yo ass). She had 5 kids, but when he wasn’t doing right by the family, she divorced him and worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs to support her family. This Monday was my granny’s 73rd birthday and as a present, my mom took her to see Barack Obama at a small event he held in Toledo. My 73 year old granny that had to leave school in the 3rd grade may (God willing) live to see the first Black President of the United States of America.

    I think that the real challenge for us as a people is to not become complacent. Barack’s winning the White House (I’m going to go ahead and speak that into existence) is a significant achievement, but it will by no means be the end of the road. Never mind the fact that an Obama Administration will be the most highly scrutinized Presidency EVER! Black people are still disproportionately impoverished, undereducated and incarcerated. While Barack will be a symbol to what we can accomplish through hard work, it will be for us to work hard to create that change.

  3. SJD says:

    As far as people claiming to be Christian, but then making bigoted remarks against another Christian or the very notion that being called a “Muslim” is somehow a smear, those topics might need to be posts all by themselves. I can tell you from personal experience as a Muslim in America that Christians (especially the ones that claim to be really devout) are some of the most intolerant people I’ve ever encountered.

  4. Dre says:

    my biggest problem is that now white people are going to say “this country has came along way. Look we have a black president.” No he wasnt elected because he was black he was elected because he ran the most strategic and well marketed campagin ever. So with that being said white people will now enterchange MLK for Obama. Whenever a pink toe speaks on blacks it always is MARTIN LUTHER KING. MARTIN LUTHER KING. As if they was not a thousands of other influ blacks making the mark. Hell as a people we only know Martin Luther King. Who was the first black track runner? Ummmm Martin Luther King……who was the first black women to have a business..uummmmm Martina Luther King (c) Chris Rock. So now it becomes OOOO the country is better, we are moving forward. No we arent. And Im a go on a limb and say it may get worse as far race is concerned because these crackers dont play fair. So dont be surprised if more cops start gunnin niggas down because of their skin color. We still are in a bad place, but atleast for culture self esteem it changes the perception of what we can be instead of what they see (c) Flavor Flav

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