NFL Top 5

Well, at least I did a little better last week (2-3, 8-18). I will continue to pick against my brownies if they continue to win the way they did Monday night. Here are my picks for this weekend.

1. San Diego at Buffalo

Don’t look now but the Chargers are back at .500.

My Pick- Chargers 24-14

2. Baltimore at Miami

Both teams looking to bounce back this week, The Dolphins from a tough loss last weekend in Houston and the Ravens form a blowout loss in Indy.

My Pick- Ravens 16-10

3. Indianapolis at Green Bay

Bad news for the rest of the AFC…the Colts seem to have gotten their timing back.

My Pick- Indy 30-17

4. Cleveland at Washington

As promised the Browns lose this one (wink wink)

My Pick- Skins- 21-10

5. New Orleans at Carolina

Panthers are tough to beat at home, but Brees is looking to be back to his Pro Bowl form.

My Pick- Saints 20-17


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