Final Presidential Debate

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164 Responses to Final Presidential Debate

  1. Dre says:

    <<<walks in

    “lets see if this old bitch is going to say it to his face

    <<cuts up Issac Hayes

  2. SJD says:

    bob seems like he’s ready to handle business

  3. SJD says:

    why does mccain always give shout outs to sick people?

  4. Capri says:

    I’m still perplexed as to why people think McCain will make a good president.

  5. Capri says:

    Mccain looks foolish. he has the same dumbass look on his face just like Bush.

  6. Dre says:

    McCain has a casket under that desk

  7. Dre says:

    bob seems like he’s ready to handle business

    Very true, Bob is like lets cut threw the bullshit

  8. SJD says:

    barack needs to step up. mccain is really coming hard and (though i hate to admit it) he’s sounding effective

  9. Capri says:

    well mccain has to step it up in this debate anyway, but i wish he would stop smiling.

  10. Dre says:

    very true McCain is not fucking around

  11. Capri says:

    Bob should have moderated the VP debate

  12. Dre says:

    Draper what you think? I need to Barack lace up his boots

  13. Dre says:

    Bob should have moderated the VP debate
    yes, if that was the case Palin would be back home ice skating

  14. SJD says:

    yeah, barack is coming off extra lax right now. mccain is looking informed and, more importantly, passionate.

  15. Dre says:

    whoaaaaaaa….shots fired

  16. Capri says:

    I think Obama is ready to bring out his black half and kick mccain’s ass. lol

  17. SJD says:

    damn, mccain is really taking it to him. but how can you balance a budget while cutting taxes and funding a war

  18. Capri says:

    say it to his face Mccain

  19. Dre says:

    shit, Bob is not fucking around

  20. SJD says:

    “quit the bitch shit and man up”
    bob seffert

  21. Dre says:

    McCain is dodging this fucking bullet

  22. SJD says:

    barack needs to step in and attack here about the campaign tone

  23. SJD says:

    mccain knows that his campaign is really on the line tonight. the dude is down like 10 points in the polls

  24. Capri says:

    he’s just jealous he couldnt come up with the same amount of money

  25. SJD says:

    mccain is doing a good job of making himself out as the victim when he’s really the aggressor. he’s on his game tonight

  26. Dre says:

    the sympathy roll…GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

  27. Capri says:

    i think mccain is drawing stick figures on his paper

  28. Dre says:

    McCain says hes proud of the people at his rallys?……..HAND HIM THE CASKET

  29. SJD says:

    mccain is starting to lose his cool

  30. SJD says:

    hey, if you hate nigga then of course you’d be proud of people at your rallies saying “kill him” and calling camera men nigger

  31. Dre says:

    Obama just turned the corner with strong finish

  32. SJD says:

    good way to flip it barack

  33. grownmanp says:

    Here’s Phreaky

  34. Capri says:

    this is easy…b/c palin is a dumbass broad

  35. SJD says:

    bob goes for the jugular! but why has barack gotten the last 3 questions first?

  36. SJD says:

    sup zeke

  37. grownmanp says:

    McCain trying to hard tonigh…but it was expected…

  38. SJD says:

    mccain definitely started strong, but i think barack is gaining his footing

  39. Capri says:

    he gets the questions first so that we hear a real answer first and then the bull shit

  40. grownmanp says:

    Mr. Draper…sup. Waddup yall…

  41. Dre says:

    Is it me or McCain just shooting shyt all over the place

  42. SJD says:

    they know that sarah palin is fuckin’ retarded

  43. Dre says:

    why Palin is better? Cause she can see Russia in her back yard

  44. grownmanp says:

    That chick ain’t do all that shyt…

  45. SJD says:

    they know that she abused her power after only being in office less than 2 years

  46. Capri says:

    i think mccain was gonna say breast instead of breath…lol

    btw….she voted against special education

  47. grownmanp says:

    When cain try to pull at heart strings it’s sickening…

  48. SJD says:

    proud of the way her daughter got knocked up

  49. Dre says:

    FUCK NO she isnt

  50. grownmanp says:

    Yeah OBAMA

  51. Dre says:

    ahhh yea a President likes to shoot guns, drink, and fuck

  52. SJD says:

    we’re seeing iraq united with our military present

  53. grownmanp says:

    transparency my ass…Repubs don’t show shyt

  54. t.polite says:

    What have I missed?? I just got home…

  55. grownmanp says:

    LMAO at Cain’s faces…

  56. SJD says:

    bob is the all-star of this debate

  57. ms. cali says:

    energy and oil… this is mccain’s main talking point 4 palin

  58. Capri says:

    i believe bob said a number not a story mccain

  59. grownmanp says:

    question: Is nuclear power safe…anyone know???

  60. Dre says:

    sp Palin is qualifed because she has mentally challenged kids and sold a plane on ebay

  61. SJD says:

    is mccain making fun of wanting to keep nuclear material safe? WTF?

  62. Capri says:

    not 7-10 years he said 1 year

  63. grownmanp says:

    those numbers are climbin baby…LOL

  64. ms. cali says:

    it can be safe, so they say. depends on its use and housing

  65. SJD says:

    nuclear power is safe as long as nothing goes wrong. if it does, we won’t be able to use the land for a couple thousand years…

  66. Dre says:

    Nuclear leads to cancer…lol

  67. SJD says:

    mccain’s face looks like he wants to say “i hate this mutha fucka”

  68. Dre says:

    McCain is digging in tonight….we arent winning…

  69. grownmanp says:

    WTF cain…

  70. Dre says:

    I think McCain is scribbling “Nigger, Nigger, Nigger” in his pad

  71. grownmanp says:

    this is Cain’s best look so far…

  72. ms. cali says:

    yea he is hitting obama hard… “he said look at, you hear that” lol, not playing around, i guess he needs a win

  73. SJD says:

    barack isn’t attacking mccain’s points enough. oil drilling won’t produce any change in our oil imports for at least 3-4 years.

  74. grownmanp says:

    cain is throwin dem…

  75. grownmanp says:

    I think cain snorted before he came out…

  76. SJD says:

    did mccain just roll his eyes? and huff and puff? he’s losing his composure. but barack is not hitting the points he needs to

  77. Capri says:

    this debate is pointless…we arent hearing anything we havent already heard

  78. grownmanp says:

    here we go again….you ol bitch

  79. ms. cali says:

    i was just thinking the same thing… lol.

  80. Capri says:

    yea i think cain had a swig before hittin the stage

  81. grownmanp says:

    how come I’m not in that focus group…???? LOL

  82. SJD says:

    we’re not on the focus group because we’re biased as hell zeke

  83. Dre says:

    how come I’m not in that focus group…???? LOL
    lmao….did you see that black girl that they showed on cnn….

  84. SJD says:

    she was ugly. i was sad

  85. grownmanp says:

    LOL…I am not biased…I am still undecided

  86. Dre says:

    I would lie an say Im a independent…….just to get on…lol

  87. grownmanp says:

    yall silly as hell…

  88. ms. cali says:

    only one per show. it reminds me of the dude in the hoodie at the last cnn event

  89. SJD says:

    dre, you’re dial would be at zero everytime the camera even showed mccain

  90. ms. cali says:

    who the hell is joe?

  91. grownmanp says:

    how come it’s Joe??? Why not Malik or Malcolm???

  92. Dre says:

    who the fuck is Joe the plummer? What about Pookie and Ray Ray

  93. grownmanp says:

    Cain is stupid as phuck

  94. Capri says:

    yea bitch 0

  95. SJD says:

    aww shit, mccain’s started the “my friends” again.

  96. SJD says:

    barack is turning it around now

  97. grownmanp says:

    Get his ass

  98. Capri says:

    why the hell does he keep smiling

  99. grownmanp says:

    answer the damn question

  100. ms. cali says:

    mccain is funny… “hey joe, ur rich now”

  101. SJD says:

    way to not answer the question mccain. how does he know how often joe works? i think he’s tappin’ joe’s wife behind joe’s back

  102. SJD says:

    grown by 40% under a republican administration

  103. ms. cali says:

    is it me or is one of mccain’s eye’s sleepy lol…

  104. ms. cali says:

    is it me or is one of mccain’s eyes sleepy lol…

  105. Capri says:

    remember people mccain was supposed to step this debate up to atleast keep himself in the running. I’m sure next week he’ll slip up say nigger and his numbers will drop. I mean everyone thought palin did well and her numbers dropped after the kill him comment.

    and damn joe the plumber…what about the earl who changes who fixes cars in exchange for food.

  106. grownmanp says:

    awww shyt…

  107. Dre says:

    McCain’s comb over is tight tonight, he came to play

  108. Capri says:

    IDK how black people can vote for cain. he voted againt MLK day.

  109. SJD says:

    he even brought out the pin stipes, lol. he’s in his gangster gear

  110. SJD says:


  111. Dre says:

    Im not gone lie….the fact that McCain said hes proud of his crowds makes me really dislike pink toes and makes me really wanna drag the coon Tom at the rally…..

  112. ms. cali says:

    *turns up* no one in the senate has swagga like john

  113. SJD says:

    i thought it was “pro-choice” not “pro-abortion”

  114. Capri says:

    maybe mccain is writing down his real thoughts so he wont blurt them out

  115. SJD says:

    how is concern about a woman’s health extreme?

  116. Dre says:

    whos winning at this point?

  117. grownmanp says:

    It’s close…but my bias ass won’t say nuffin

  118. SJD says:

    i think that it’s evened out, but mccain had a much stronger beginning

  119. SJD says:

    what do you think dre?

  120. Dre says:

    my blackness wants to say Obama is finishing strong so it evened out but a part of me wonders cause McCain came out swinging of the jump does he get the third judge vote for the win

  121. grownmanp says:

    See what Roland thinks…he keeps it real

  122. SJD says:

    choice isn’t the issue for poor people. it’s quality

  123. ms. cali says:

    fuck that… better fund and support public ed… sorry my inner teacher is coming out. and get rid of these whack ass teachers who need to retire

  124. Dre says:

    I just wish Obama would have a pop lock off against this dude… something…give him a high five, smack his head, trip him….just take the low road one time…please Im begging you sir, Im begging you (c) coon Tom

  125. SJD says:

    i’m mad we have to go to cnn for the score cards. i might have to switch to liberal ass msnbc just to feel better

  126. m.keez says:

    sarah cursing….whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  127. Dre says:

    why is McCain blinkin so much…lol

  128. m.keez says:

    can i get a round by round score card, i just got in from my softball game (no homo, lol) and we got that ass whooped

  129. ms. cali says:

    was that my gov on the net… lol.
    you know i teach so i hate when noneducators act like they know. they don’t come to the classrooms. they aren’t in the teacher ed programs. back to old me… no mroe bad words for the children sake… lol

  130. m.keez says:

    i heard mccain was goin in kinda hard, what i miss?

  131. SJD says:

    round 1 on taxes goes to mccain
    round 2 on energy was a tie
    round 3 on health care goes to obama
    round 4 on education…

  132. m.keez says:

    my bad, i mean shaquaneta, i don’t know where sarah came from, lol

  133. m.keez says:

    i thought he said he wasn’t spending money anymore? lol

  134. Dre says:

    breaking news: M. Keys was playing softball with a bunch of men……lol


  135. SJD says:

    he’s been contradicting himself all night. but he’s been strong in his attacks

  136. m.keez says:

    john mccain look like barney rubble, lol

  137. Dre says:

    McCain came out strong, but along the way he started to dissolve and look angry….

  138. m.keez says:

    come on nigga, we about 200 deep out there on the softball fields, real men, al bundy type men, nigga, lol

  139. grownmanp says:

    cain is scary ass

  140. ms. cali says:

    education goes to obama… but maybe i’m bias

  141. m.keez says:

    my friends…now how did i know he would say that?

  142. SJD says:

    how is mccain going to argue against the last 8 years when that’s his president (who he’s voted with 90% of the time) and 6 years of his party in control of congress?

  143. m.keez says:

    this dude is fumbling his words alot

  144. Dre says:

    education, energy, health Obama came thru….McCain came out on some mike tyson shit in the first round

  145. m.keez says:

    what was he sayin, i mean i dvr’d it, but i want to see what keith olbermann has to say about the debate

  146. Dre says:

    come on nigga, we about 200 deep out there on the softball fields, real men, al bundy type men, nigga, lol
    what men you know play softball….lol…was yall throwing under hand and playin techno in the back ground

  147. SJD says:

    come on dude, you know you’ve got to go to cnn to get the real story. you go to keith and rachel when you need to feel good

  148. m.keez says:

    do u think that mccain went hard enough to change minds?

  149. ms. cali says:

    diddo i thought only girls played softball… maybe thats jst cali… lol

  150. m.keez says:

    lol…u right SJD, but i just want to feel good, we had a tough loss in softball

  151. Dre says:

    diddo i thought only girls played softball… maybe thats jst cali… lol
    shots fired……lol..

  152. m.keez says:

    nigga, all the bruhs i know played softball in intramurals, wtf?

  153. m.keez says:

    ya’ll can both kiss my ass, lol

  154. grownmanp says:

    i don’t think there are no changed minds…

  155. m.keez says:

    aight, i’m on my cnn shit

  156. Dre says:

    nigga, all the bruhs i know played softball in intramurals, wtf?
    was those morehouse bruhs or midwest bruhs…theres a difference…lol

  157. SJD says:

    fuck the focus group, i’m going to msnbc to get some real analysis

  158. ms. cali says:

    i love you too… lol defensive i see
    well i’m out. no mind changes on the west coast

  159. m.keez says:

    thats all that matters then, grownman, like mccain had to knock it out the park, and if he didn’t do that, then obama wins by default…bruhs on top…i think obama woulda been an alpha, ur thoughts? lol

  160. m.keez says:

    umm, those were ur line bruhs, bruh…including big brother ‘i only blaze dimes’…take that, take that, ahhhhhhh (c) diddy, lol

  161. Dre says:

    thats all that matters then, grownman, like mccain had to knock it out the park, and if he didn’t do that, then obama wins by default…bruhs on top…i think obama woulda been an alpha, ur thoughts? lol
    yeah,……starts walkin it out

  162. Dre says:

    umm, those were ur line bruhs, bruh…including big brother ‘i only blaze dimes’…take that, take that, ahhhhhhh (c) diddy, lol


    takes off his line coat….wtf…lol

  163. m.keez says:

    yeah man, they actually inspired me to start playin, lol

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