NFL Top 5

Man….another 1-4 weekend for my NFL picks thanks to Jacksonville, Philly and Baltimore all losing leads at the end of their games.  So many of them seemed to be in the bag, but then they blow it in the end.  My record now officially stinks at (6-15).  Here are my now somewhat irrelevant picks for this week in this rebuilding year…lol


1. New England at San Diego

Neither one of these teams are what they were last season when they faced off for a shot to go to the Super Bowl.  The Pats are missing Brady but Cassel and Moss seem to be improving on their chemistry which is bad news for the rest of the AFC.  The Chargers have all their weapons but just don’t seem to be on the same page yet this season. 

            My Pick- NE 24-17


2. Baltimore at Indianapolis

The Ravens let the Titans get off the mat last week in a last minute loss, the D did their job but that offense needs to pick it up in order for them to really be successful.  The Colts are another AFC team still looking to get on track, but with their offensive line problems, I’m not sure if they can block that tough Ravens D for 4 quarters.

            My Pick- Indy 20-10


3. Jacksonville at Denver

The Broncos look to continue their success at home after a big win last weekend against Tampa.  The Jaguars are still trying to find a #1 guy to go to at WR, an element which was magnified in their loss to the Steelers last weekend.

            My Pick- 21-14


4. Chicago at Atlanta

The Bears D is playing at the top of their game right now and look to confuse Matt Ryan all day in this one.  The Falcons are definitely improving, but it may be a tough day for Michael Turner in the Dome with Urlacher and company chasing him down. 

            My Pick- Chicago 17-10


5. NYG at Cleveland

Now on to my beloved Brownies…… the good news is that there’s a Monday night game in Cleveland…bad news is its against the Giants who destroyed the Browns first team in a preseason debacle back in August.  Donte’ Stallworth will be playing in his first real game as a Brown, but I don’t think that will be enough this week.  Eli and company look to make it quick in Cleveland.  Its gon be a looong niiiight © Usher

            My Pick- Giants (sigh) 30-17


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